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kaykre 06-07-2013 02:01 PM

Any 2s find that a cut with NO (or very little layers) works best?
Any wavies/curlies find that a cut with NO layers (or just some face framing ones) works better for you?

Mine is wavy, medium to coarse, and very dense (2a/b?). My hair is around shoulder length and i currently have long layers throughout and I think it may be giving me too much volume. My hair looks a bit like a lions mane (volume wise). I'm wondering if going one length would help?


CurlyGrey3 06-07-2013 02:08 PM

Without layers I look like Roseanne Roaseannadanna, so I always keep them :)

I had long layers for a long time and was mostly happy. I had my first dry cut recently and she did a much better job shaping my hair.

KatMack 06-07-2013 02:25 PM

I currently have no layers and I have 2b armpit length hair. I think it works well for me. Since my hair is very fine and medium density, I dont have to worry about too much volume or triangle head syndrome. I have the opposite problem, I dont want my hair to look too thin at the very bottom layers because that has happened to me before and the only option is to grow it out and keep cutting off layers to get it all one length again and i'm trying to get mine to BSL/waist length for my wedding next summer. Still, I keep going back and fourth about cutting layers into mine since so many here have had success with them.

A lot of wavies seem to find that their waves spring up more with layers instead of having a lot of wave on the bottom and not much on top (triangle head) or the weight of the hair stretching out the waves, especially at longer lengths.

Another option if you're concerned about too much volume, you could always have your hairstylist reshape your current cut as well. Many curly stylists are familiar with the volume problems of curly hair and can make it lay closer to how you want it. That way, you wouldn't have to wait for it to all get to one length to see if al one length even works how you want it to.

kaykre 06-07-2013 02:25 PM

TY! From your signature, your hair type sounds very much like mine (except I don't have any spirals :( )

CurlyGrey3 06-07-2013 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by kaykre (Post 2178003)
TY! From your signature, your hair type sounds very much like mine (except I don't have any spirals :( )

I haven't found anyone with hair as crazy as mine yet :) I really have no idea how to categorize it. Today it's extremely frizzy from poor technique yesterday and then second day rain.

wavydaze 06-11-2013 05:49 PM

Generally speaking, if you want less volume go for long layers. If you go for one-length but have dense hair you may end up with the "triangle-head" look. I used to have that problem when I had higher density. Now that my hair has thinned :cwm10:, I got it cut to shorter layers and it works MUCH better. My hair looks fuller now.

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