Thoughts on this haircut for a 2B?

I'm around 2A with no product or styling and 2B/C with product. I'd obviously take the picture with me but how would you describe this cut? Also, it looks like hers was done with a curling iron. Would this work with natural waves?
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I think it completely depends on YOUR curls/waves and where they start and where they bend etc. Some people with waves only tend to only see them when their hair is longer because the natural curl starts lower than their hair is, so they may only get one actual wave in their shorter length.
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Seems to me it would. Her fake waves look like a lot of the wavey girls I see here. I'd describe it as shoulder length with a few face framing layers. It's kind of jennifer aniston-ey .

If her hair was wavey.

TY both! My waves tend to start around eye level but with volume at the roots if that makes sense. My hair is currently on around an inch longer than the picture though.

EDIT: pic of my hair to give you a better idea
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.

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I think it would look great with your hair! I tried the Aniston one and i'm 3a; it was nice...waves would be a lot more interesting i think.

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Lol I looked at this cut too! I like it but it's too similar to the one I have now. This should look cute on your hair!
I like the cut! I think it looks similar to what you have now, maybe a few more layers

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I like the cut! It would look a little different on you if you're going for 2b... but it think it would look good! I think the tricky part would be for the stylist... maybe they should do a dry cut? Your hair would lay differently than in the picture and I don't know if it'll spring up too much if cut wet.
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