Hair after anorexia

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Yep, I was an anorexic and lost ALOT of weight. It wasn't just my organs, skin, energy and health that was affected but also my hair. Something that didn't help, was the constant bleaching of it during this time. It began falling out, thinning, tearing and becoming weak and I had no choice but to cut it up to my ears. Before this, my hair was course, thick and red.. And I want that back. I have fully recovered.. So has my health ( with a few minor issues) but my hair hasnt. I was just wondering, has anyone else recovered from anorexia, and was your hair ever the same again? What did you do to help it? Thanks!
I'm still recovering from anorexia and suffered massive hair loss, though I was lucky to never notice it on my scalp. I just lost hair everywhere, all the time. Once I started gaining weight again, the hair loss became slightly less, but I've only started noticing massive improvement when I went fully CG. Right now, I barely lose any hair at all!

Then again, my hair didn't really seem to have changed, even though I lost all that hair, so I'm not a good comparison. I think taking good care of your hair and being kind to it is key.
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Thanks! My hair greatly decreased in width, but that could of been the bleaching. Thanks for sharing though! I've only started looking looking after my hair now, but it's awesome yours isn't falling out anymore. I want to start the CG method but I hate gel and products so still just thinking about it. Goodluck with your recovery, it's hard but so worth it! Xx
Aw thank you! It is hard, but the good thing is that I've been stable for a long time now. It's just that I'm not there yet, but it is definitely manageable and although I still have bad thoughts on a regular basis, I know how to deal with them now. You should be proud that you've recovered!

Bleaching is a harsh process so I can imagine that this causes a lot of damage, and perhaps even hair loss.

The good thing about the CG method is that it basically is a guideline, so you're free to do what you want. If you prefer no stylers at all (I know awelcome doesn't use stylers at the moment), then that's fine. If you prefer mousse or some other styling product, then go for it. To me, it's all about knowing your hair properties and discovering what ingredients, types of products and techniques work particularly well. I find that I have to avoid sulfates, silicones and polyquats altogether because my hair simply doesn't like them. As a matter of fact, my hair is happiest when I use all natural prodcuts. However, many people find that they can use products that are just CG-friendly, and some don't necessarily experience problems when they use products with cones in it.

If I were you, I would simply read, read, read. Then try to determine your hair properties and take into account the health conditioner of your hair. Perhaps try to find out how other people who have bleached their hair have recovered from the damage. Based on all that information, see if you can determine what your hair needs in terms of ingredients. If you don't like gel, then simply don't use it, but find something else that works for you. HTH
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Hi there! I was anorexic through my late teens up my late 20s and I've been an avid hair bleacher for many many years, with a short break after I had my son.

Like you, my hair was still pretty poor after I had recovered from the illness, and I ended up cutting it into a pixie after my pregnancy. As it grew back it was pretty obvious that most of my curl had gone and it was very limp.

The best thing I have done is change my diet. In the Summer months I eat a diet of raw fruit and veg, olives, nuts, lean meat, oily fish and I drink plenty of water. The only sugar is in my morning coffee. It makes such a huge difference; my hair grows much stronger, it's thicker and I swear it even grows a bit faster, too. Even with the addition a 40v peroxide developer each month.

Now that it's Winter in my neck of the woods, many summer foods are out of season so I've lulled into the land of pastry and pie. I've absolutely noticed the difference. My hair has thinned and strands are falling out, my ends are brittle and topical treatments aren't as effective. That said, my hair is still much better than it was in my 20s and I absolutely have clean eating to thank for that.

Last year I chopped all my hair off again, and as it grows my curls are returning to their former glory. They are a bit wayward at the minute because of the peroxide, but I'm confident once my hair reaches shoulder length the touch ups will be less damaging. Right now what little length I have gets caught up in bleach.

Outside of the peroxide I don't use anything with chemicals on my hair and I do think that has a bit to do with it's over all health, but mostly I think diet is the key factor in my hair's health. What kind of treatment did you receive through your recovery? I was referred to a nutritionist for several months while I recovered and she was an absolute beacon of knowledge. Diet is absolutely everything. I really recommend seeing a nutritional if you didn't get the opportunity while you were getting past your illness. It changed my life. =)
Wow! What great replies! I was a bit worried about posting on such a personal topic, and I'm blown away with your kindness. I'll definitely have to look into products and do some experimenting, find what works! Ive already started looking at the reviews here, but a lot of those products aren't available in Australia! To help with your recovery, I'd look at the book 'breaking up with Ed', it turns the disorder into a person so you can differentiate between their thoughts and your own, and reject theirs. It was a lifesaver. I have fallen back into Ed so many times, but it has been a good year now and I can honestly say I know how to cope if he ever starts taking over again. Eating disorders are for life, but you learn to manage them and ignore those thoughts. So goodluck! Cutting my hair was probably the best thing to do, like you did. Diet is such a struggle, caught between not wanting to deny myself food but knowing I don't need junk. Nuts are the best things invented (well, discovered haha), especially as study snacks! I do need more veggies though, I never grew out of the childish 'ew it's green' stage! Thankyou so much guys! I'll have to try all your suggestions
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There are plenty of nutrient dense foods that are not low calorie like fresh fruit and veggies are. Oily fish like mackerel and sardines, seeds (better source of certain minerals and essential fatty acids than nuts), cocoa powder, traditional cheeses, eggs, organ meats like liver, dried fruit, block creamed coconut and olives.

You might get into healthy baking, homemade flapjacks and brownies can be made packed with nutrients for example. If you combine your nuts and seeds with cereal grains you get a complete protein, which is needed for healthy cells including skin and hair.

Coconut oil is amazing applied to damaged or porous hair, you might also consider ceramides and hydrolysed protein.
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You have to remember that your hair is your body's last priority, so I'd just give it time and like everyone else has said up the nutrient rich foods. Nuts, avocados, etc. Your body has just recovered, but it needs to have a surplus to see it in your hair, much like an animal with pretty fur.
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It'll get better. I know from experience how hard the disease can be to beat. Congrats and good job on coming out the other side. ((Hugs)).
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