Which length do you like my hair?

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I can only see two pics - one long and one short (brown polka dot top). I think you look beautiful in both pics but with the short hair I'd see you and do a double take - you look very unique and sassy. I LOVE it... I'd do it myself if I had the right shaped face and curls like that!
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First of all your hair is stunning and really looks great either way! For some reason I can't see the third picture either but the second one is really cute.

I'll share a quick story when I was going through the same decision. I had just had my third child and asked my long time hairdresser to chop it off. He told me he had a policy of no postpartum big chops until the client had asked for it three times in a row. I agreed and kept asking and finally he chopped it off and I went pixie. I loved it and came home excited to show off my new hair and my then five year old ran up to me, gave me a hug and said, "Don't worry Mom, I still love you."

Personally, as a mom of five children - mostly grown now, do whatever is easier to maintain and quick to style because you're time is precious.
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Awww, what a cute story!
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Aww thanks everyone! I really appreciate the support! I fixed that third pic btw...newbie to photobucket lol.

I still haven't quite decided what to do...I think I'm going to experiment with some product changes first and see if that makes any difference in my curls before cutting them again. Although everyday I stare at my new growth around my hairline and think "wow...that's ridiculous with super short curls right in the front and super long hair everywhere else" LOL.

I am afraid that my 9 month old will cry when she sees my new curls. I showed her the second pic of me and she scoffed! She laughed in a scoffing manner! I couldn't believe it. My mother said that I had my answer right then and there...well I say
Both short styles look nice but i think the first one with the poka dot shirt looks best ^.^

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I love the second picture. It has a very vintage feel to it.
I like the second picture, it really frames your gorgeous face

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If you're ambivalent, then I recommend sitting on it a little while. But when do you make your decision, do it for you. Not your momma or your baby. You need to be happy first. And lucky you--looking fabulous with all 3 lengths.
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You look good with your hair long and short. I personally think long hair is easier to deal with but if you decide to go short I vote for pic #2. It's beautiful.
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I think you look lovely in the second picture. You have a beautiful smile! I've never been one to get too hung up on worrying about growing back out if I've wanted to go shorter, but if you think you will want to go longer at some point, it's absolutely true that growing from pixie to bob length and evening it all out is a real pain. It's much, much easier to grow from a bob to waist (took me roughly three years, and could take almost that much to go from pixie to bob). So you might want to consider something around chin.
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Well thank you again everyone. I'm still on the fence. It seems like my hair has stalled growing, and I flat ironed it today to see if the damage I'm thinking I see when it's curly is real. It is.

However I do like it straight, but it's hot and always in my way. Makes me wonder if I will ever wear it down when I get it to a longer length.

I prefer you with curls, they draw attention to your pretty eyes.
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love the 2nd short hair pic. some women really pull off short hair fabulously and u are one of them.
You know, I've been thinking about this thread a lot... especially because I'm in a current dilemma (I've been thinking of chopping since my last chop... three years ago!).

But the more I think about it, and the more I look at your photos, the more I decide that it doesn't really matter because you're smokin' gorgeous no matter what!!!
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