frizzy ringlettes, can i pixie?!

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I'm new.. but I think my hair is a 3A. My hair seems very damaged and dry although I haven't colored in years and straighten once in a blue moon..
I have ringlettes that are frizzy and poofy, and since I have never been able to get a decent hair cut its unmanageable.
I always - I mean ALWAYS - have my hair up or at least low pony tied back. So I figure a pixie won't be too drastic? I love the look, I think it fits my style.. I'm just nervous that my hair is so puffy it will just turn into one big puff!!!! I NEED ADVICE PLEASE!

I attached pics below; one with my hair down and one up so you can see my face shape!
Ps, my hair is also very thin..
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frizzy ringlettes, can i pixie?!-snapshot_20130618.jpg   frizzy ringlettes, can i pixie?!-snapshot_20130618_1.jpg  

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You could totally pull off a pixie, but to be honest- I love your hair in the "down" photo- I see no poof OR frizz!
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Thank you Chloe! It's just thin and only looks good for the first hour of the day 'til it poofs.. and I guess I'm just sick of it more than anything.. I appreciate your advice

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My hair also won't grow.. hasn't for years no matter what I try.. and I don't need the damage of extensions.. So I figure just chop it off if I can pull it off!
I'm not a huge fan of pixie cuts but you have a great face and the right shaped head i think you could pull it off very well go for it!
I get frizz and poof like that if I use humectants in the summer (high dews). What products are you using? Do you know your hair properties?
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Wow! Your face looks so good with your hair pulled back away from it. I think you're a prime candidate for a pixie. I think you should go for it.
I actually don't know my hair texture to be honest.. and I hardly use product these days. Maybe some leave in conditioner but that's it. I could probably experiment with more but I always just figure it'll frustrate me so I'll just end up throwing it up anyway
Thanks Jessie!! I'm so nervous and scared but I think I'm just gonna suck it up and do it!
Now the real challenge is finding a stylist I can trust and make me feel comfortable... I have no idea where to start.
Pretty much everyone's hair grows, is is breaking off, do all your shed hairs have bulbs or pointy ends? Damage can be caused by the obvious chemicals and heat styling, plus UV light, products including shampoo, mechanically (brushing, combing especially when wet, twirling, rubbing on fabrics like pillow and clothing, frequent ponytails), poor diet, undiagnosed health problems.

Do you want a curly or straight pixie? If you want curly check out the salon reviews tab on the main NC site.
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I think you're right that it is not not-growing but breaking..
However, I don't blow dry, iron, stay out long in the sun, brush too often nor shampoo often.
I even recently got blood work done to see if I had a deficiency and everything came back normal.

I am looking for a straighter pixie, that will require some but not much styling.
Some fine hair really can't take straightening. Keep in mind also that the ends of your hair are the oldest, and will cumulatively have been straightened more than the rest of your hair, even if you don't do it too often. It may just be that your hair can't handle it. Brushing at all might also be a problem for you.

You have an adorable face, and I think you could pull off a curly pixie well.
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I think if it's short enough she won't have to straighten it. If it's a true pixie with her curl type.
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