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hopefulheidi 02-20-2007 10:12 AM

To thin or not to thin (and how)?
I have THICK curly hair that is currently a bit shorter than shoulder length (had a bit of a freak out a couple of weeks ago and got about 8 inches chopped off). The cut isn't horrible (a bit shorter than I expected, but I can roll with it) but I have a question about the process used to thin my mass of curls.

A few years ago I had my hair thinned for the first time with thinning shears and it seemed to make my hair incredibly frizzy and dried out (I am paranoid about frizz!). At the time I did a bit of googling and found that stylists were quite conflicted as to whether thinning shears or razors should be used to remove some of the bulk.

During my most recent hair cut, I didn't even realize the stylist was using thinning shears on me until she was halfway done and now, once again, my hair seems frizzy and dried out.

Is this change in texture just in my imagination or does the use of thinning shears have such adverse effects on the hair of others? Does using a razor to thin hair work any better? Does anyone else out there get their thick hair thinned or is a good cut enough to cut down on the bulk?


Guide18 02-20-2007 10:20 AM

Thinning can be a disaster unless the stylist is extremely skilled. Razoring curly hair is also really risky, because it tends to encourage the ends to split. I feel bad for your poor hair!

Very thick, curly hair sometimes can benefit from special techniques like the carve/slice method from Ouidad, in which the curls are cut to fit into each other, or the tunnel cut method from Jonathan Torch, in which some curls are cut out entirely from underneath. Not just any stylist can do these cuts.

For most curlies, cutting long layers (meaning not much distance between the longest and shortest layer) helps reduce bulk and avoid the "triangle-head look."

mayim 02-20-2007 08:52 PM

my hair is super thick too, and stylists also always tried to thin mine until i put my foot down (after too many disastrous cuts) and started telling them under no circumstances should they thin, texturize, etc.

a good cut can shape your hair without thinning it. long layers, and letting it get some length helps. i have found a modified cg routine to help the thickness aspect a lot too, as far as taming the bigness of my hair.


CurlyQTPie 02-21-2007 12:45 PM

My hair is extra super thick. I got a deva cut and that helped with the volume a lot. She did not thin my hair or cut it with a razor, but she did kind of layer it so that all the volume is not in one area, which has helped it to look less poofy.

I have heard lots of horror stories about cuts with thinning shears, so if you are going to do that I would look for someone who specializes in that, although I think that you could probably achieve the same look with just a really good cut.

MaybeWavy 02-21-2007 01:56 PM

Thinned hair is the worst. And it takes forever to grow out. I had a moment of weakness the first time I got a trim after DS was born and got my hair thinned via the method involving taking vertical sections and stripping the scissors down the length. I now have what appears to be a frayed wornout toothbrush running from my ears to the ends of my hair. Imagine that.

I'm tempted to whack it off to even it, but don't think I have the guts. I think I'd lose most of my wave til it grew out. I hate it. It makes me frizzy. The more I think about it though, the more I think I will.

If I can find someone I trust.

MaybeWavy 02-21-2007 01:57 PM

a couple dp's.

sorry. :lol:

MaybeWavy 02-21-2007 01:58 PM flatulence? :oops:

Rednaturalcurls 02-21-2007 02:20 PM

I guess I will be the one to disagree. I have my hair thinned with a razor pretty regularly and I have no bad effects from it. My stylist goes through sections in the back with the razor. We don't take alot off, just a little here and there in the underneath part. We usually do it every other appointment. It works well for me because my hair is extremely thick and it gets weighed down pretty heavily in the back so by razoring it I am getting a bit more bounce but not as much fullness which gives me a better style. We also do a couple spots on the sides because they get really bulky but that is not done nearly as often. It is really just the back that I have trouble with.

Now thinning shears on the other hand are just plain evil. I have never had good luck with those.

hopefulheidi 03-20-2007 12:46 PM

Sorry to post and then disappear.

It has been a rough couple of weeks, hairwise.

I contemplated going CG but I just couldn't cut the cord where shampoo is concerned so instead I purchased a trial kit of the Jessicurl line. So far I am really enjoying the products but my hair is still in really crummy condition.

My shortest layers which were previously chin length are now about 2-3 inches long and completely frizzy thanks to the haircut from H E Double hockeysticks. I have been deep conditioning and pampering my hair (no more straight irons) but it has a long way to go before it's as healthy as it was pre thinning shears.

I'm at the point where I am seriously contemplating using one of Gretchen's recommended stylists to cut off all the seriously damaged stuff but I'm not sure I'd have much hair left at that point. So I'm left deciding whether I should grin and bear it and try to hide the ridiculously frizzy bits or take my punishment like a woman and start over with really short but hopefully healthier hair.

Grr...One moment of weakness has lead to 2 months of bad hair. Let this be a lesson the next time I feeling like doing something drastic :P

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I am definitely sworn off from thinning shears for the rest of my life!

Suburbanbushbabe 03-21-2007 07:10 PM

I have my hair thinned (Ouidad-style carve/slice) about once a year and then only in some places like the back. I've become very conservative about doing it. It doesn't frizz my hair at all.

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