Venting About My Haircut Blues...

At the beginning of November I went to a new place for a trim and was pretty satisfied with the results so I decided that I would go back to this (male) stylist for my next. I did feel I should've had my top layers a bit shorter but was happy with the overall look, but for some reason my hair grew faster than usual and I lost the volume at the top (which I need to balance out the roundness of my face) much too soon. I'd been thinking of going back for a trim for maybe 3 weeks so the day I did my root retouch (last Wednesday) I finally went.

I explained how much I wanted taken off the top layers. As he started to reshape the perimeter he suggested taking off some length, I began to object but I remembered my hair looked really cute a month after my previous trim, so I said "Ok, you can take a little off the length". Well, that was a MAJOR mistake, I can't imagine why I forgot the importance of being very specific, unless one has been with someone for a long time they should never be given "license" to do as they please, this was only my 2nd time so what happened was all my fault.

When I saw a "chunk" of hair nearly 2" long land on the front of the cape I told him I hoped that came from just one overgrown section (I do seem to have one side that grows faster than the other...) because my hair would definitely shrink quite a bit. When he was done I couldn't really tell what my hair would look like. I came home and followed my usual styling routine and, out of habit, I partly diffused pushing the curls up (which, of course, encourages shrinkage). My son commented that my hair looked "too curly", I thought "nonsense, the curlier the better" but then I looked in the mirror and had to agree that the aging Shirley Temple staring back at me didn't exactly look "cool" . The hair around my face is the curliest so now I have these corkscrews that insist on falling over my forehead. Yesterday I tried using a product with light hold and my hair didn't shrink as much, I also pinned the front curls out of the way while drying but by the time I came home after 2 1/2 hours of shopping the curls had migrated to the forehead anyway.

Something similar to this happened to me near the end of '03, maybe then it was worse because I remember I was convinced I looked like a "hobbit" (maybe I do now too...), and ran to shop for a demi-wig (and didn't find one...). Back then my hair didn't even want to curl well for at least 2 weeks and I opted for pinning the hair at the sides until it grew a little longer; looks like that's what I'm going to have to do for the next 2 or 3 weeks. I thought of doing a roller set but I'm afraid that might make me look like I stepped right out of the early '60s... so maybe not! At times like this I feel my curly hair is way too much trouble, but who am I kidding? It really wasn't any easier in the past.... (SIGH!).

If anyone else has had a similar experience and would like to share please feel free to, we can commiserate together!
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Girl, we've ALL had bad haircuts, every last one of us.

The one thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't usually have to grow very much to look really different.
I would have to have a heart to heart with my stylist...Like this.
"A trim to me means 1/2inch... please know that my curls make my hair shrink up more than straight peoples do. Please do NOT blow my hair out ever. Diffuser is only acceptable in the event of cold weather or event styling. If I ever see more than 1/2 inch fall on the floor I will get up mid cut and walk right out the door. I am not joking."
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So sorry. But I'll bet it doesn't look as bad as you think. You could try putting some clips on the ends of the curls that shrink too much, it will pull them down as they dry.

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I can commiserate with you. I had my hair cut just after Christmas and have been fighting with it ever since. When I went it was an evening appt.(school hols so couldn't go during the day) and my hair was loose (and behaving for once), usually I have a morning appt. so just tie it back when I get up and head off to the salon. This means that it was the first time in a long time that my hd had seen my hair as it usually is. I asked her to cut more shape to it ie shorter at the front, longer at the back - this is how I usually have it, but it's very subtle. Anyway she said she could probably cut a fair bit off the front, round my face, as the curl is a lot looser there than the sides and back, which is true, so I said ok. I panicked as soon as she started cutting, but alas too late to stop her and like I said - fighting ever since. My hair tends towards 3b, so of course the shorter it is, the curlier it is and I basically think I resemble a poodle. It just won't sit right and I can't bear it. I've either had it curly and tied back (lots of gel, hairspray and clips) or straightened. I like my hair straight but I like to have a chioce about it, atm I just don't. The shortest bits at the front are about 2 inches past my chin and at the back it's about 3 inches above bsl, way too much difference. I'm going for a trim and colour on Friday, so hopefully she can even it up a bit, of course then it will all be far too short for my liking, but what can you do!
Ooooooooh yes. Being curlies we've ALL suffered horrible cuts. It probably doesn't look as bad as you think it does. Usually we are our own worst critics. I hope it works out for you! Remember, our hair tends to grow pretty fast too!
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Thanks you all for your replys and support, it's great to be in a place where others understand exactly what this is like!

I decided to put my hair in curlers tonight, on 2nd day hair, so I began sectioning it to slightly wet it before rolling and then I began to notice irregularities ALL OVER the place and the front is not only shorter but on one side it didn't quite connect with the rest of the hair! No hope this way that my curls could ever "settle" so I had to do my best to even out the hair that stuck out. I'm probably going to have to go over it again next time I completely wet it but I know I won't be able to correct it completely because I cannot turn my head and/or bend my hands in the proper way to get the right angle at the back. I wish I could take my head off and put it on a stand (like in the movie "Return to Oz") so I could do it right . Heck, if that was possible I'd cut my own hair all the time!

I know I went to an inexpensive chain salon but we all know here that higher end salons are no guarantee of better cuts unless the stylist really knows curly hair and even if I knew such a salon around here I couldn't afford it. All I know is that I'm not going back to this guy so in probably 3 months I'll start feeling depressed and paranoid trying to figure out where to go next... I already HATE the thought!!! It was easier to do mini-trims when my hair was longer though, so right now I'm thinking of just letting it grow back to shoulder length and that way I will only have to go to a salon twice a year and deal with it myself the rest of the time.
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC

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