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alslgirl2002 06-29-2013 01:29 PM

Mixed results from my aveda visit
Ugh. I really don't know how I feel right now. My stylist was great about making changes to my color but I am not sure how I feel about the results. I also ended up using sulfates and cones. I am just really not sure about the color my roots are a light reddish brown while the rest of my hair is a light brown without red undertones. We used roots only permanent color and she gave me toner on the ends and left some of my highlighted ends as they were. We were going for an ombre effect. She swears that it wont fade two toned or with a line of demarcation. I should have let her do a blow out given that we ended up with cones and sulfates. At least I would have seen the results of the color in full effect. I had hoped to wait till Monday to wash but I don't think I can wait that long. Sitting here with my hair in a messy topknot because I cant stand the way my hair looks!

alslgirl2002 06-29-2013 07:01 PM

So how long do I wait before I low poo? Is is better to get the sulfayes and cones off or should I wait till Monday night to low poo to allow the color to take?

chloe92us 06-29-2013 07:10 PM

Wait as long as you can before washing after color, at least 48 hours. I'm sorry your appointment didnt go well...

curlytwirlykate 06-29-2013 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by chloe92us (Post 2185792)
Wait as long as you can before washing after color, at least 48 hours. I'm sorry your appointment didnt go well...

Me, too! Why is it SO difficult to assert oneself at a salon?!?! I have such an issue with this, and almost always walk out having used sulfats and cones, even though the stylist swears it's "SRSLY SO GENTLE!".


curlypearl 06-30-2013 10:21 AM

Curlytwirly, I can relate to how you feel. I have had stylists say things like "don't you trust me" and "don't you want my creative input"? I hate that I am manipulated into saying yes, when I don't trust the stylist and know what I want and don't want them to do something I know won't work for me, but I find it very hard to be assertive in those situations!

I am very assertive (in a good way) with cosmeticians and clothes or jewelry salespeople - why can't I translate that to the salon? Anyway, Chloe is correct. Wait at least 48 hrs. before washing to let the color take as well as it can.

anonymous_133347 06-30-2013 01:16 PM

Honestly, speaking from a sociological background, I think it's due to women being socialized to be "nice". We're taught to be self-effacing and demure, proper and ladylike. Submissive. Even when we know we're in the right. I think as result of this, many women go through life always "taking it" because they're afraid to speak up. Even about little things. And I think if we're ever to change that, guys, we've got to learn to speak up for ourselves. You're in the right here. I don't care what that stylist says. You're a member of You probably know more than her. Once, when I didn't know how to manage my hair, I went to a stylist who "specialized" in curly hair, and at the very end of the session she attacked me with a whole can of hairspray. I went home looking like some chick out of a Van Halen video because I didn't speak up. I had to take a shower which was humiliating to say the least. Resolved then and there, "Never again." Oh and now that I know what I know, the next time I get a haircut I'm going to lay my cards on the table. No sulfates, no silicones, and--although it should really go without saying in 2013--definitely no hairspray. And if you take off more than desired well, watch out for my yelp review. The pen is mightier than the scissors, babe.

alslgirl2002 06-30-2013 02:57 PM

We actually spent a lot of time talking about all of my concerns. Part of the.problem was that she insisted that we poo following color. I should have brought my low poo and my condish and that would have solved that. One thing I am really regretting is letting her put color on my previously un dyed hair. I have to make sure that next time I don't let her do that!

The other thing that is really bothering me is that when I say I have red undertones in my roots, I should clarify that the color is more like orange! I really don't know how she did that. We spent a lot of time looking at pictures and talking about the red in my hair but I clearly told her that I did not want golden hair. We also talked about how if we don't go on the ashy side that my hair will turn out too red. Now I have to walk around for the next several weeks with red hair that I didn't ask for until I can go back for a correction. How long do I have to wait before I can go back?

anonymous_133347 07-01-2013 01:27 PM

Well, that's definitely bad sign. If you walked in just for a cut and some styling with no plans to dye your hair and she talked you into it, well, that's a bad stylist. If someone is lucky enough to be happy with their natural haircolor then you should leave them be. Also, while I love red hair, I also have a distaste for those brassy orange tones you're talking about. They usually result when women without the correct pigmentation try to go blond, and you specified right off the bad you didn't want "golden" so I don't know what she did there. Also a good stylist should be able to identify right off the bat whether or not your hair is capable of achieving a certain color. For instance, friend has red undertones and every time she's tried to go lighter she wound up with brass. She kept trying until one day a new stylist told her that she simply wouldn't be able to achieve blond highlights, no matter what they used. That's an honest colorist right there.

Anyways, that might not be the case for you. She just plain could've botched it and used the wrong toner. Whether or not your hair will be able to take dye sooner rather than later, well, that has to do with the individual and the condition of their hair. My aunt once hopped from salon to salon, dying and bleaching her hair 4x in a one month. At the end of it she was telling the stylist this was her fourth time in as many weeks and all the girls at the salon gathered around her, in awe that her hair hadn't fallen out and looked as healthy as it did.

CurlyInTheFog 07-01-2013 01:39 PM

I think it's partly being taught not to be assertive (at least in my case), feeling some intimidation when confronted by a "specialist," and sometimes, being confused as to what we do want or how to ask for it. It's hard to go into a salon and say, "I want XYZ and nothing else." A good stylist should be willing to ask and guide, though.

When I went in for my curly cut a few weeks ago, I was really anxious for a lot of reasons: 1) Stylist was a man, and men I don't know intimidate me; 2) He's the salon owner, so even more intimidating; 3) I have old henna on my ends, and most stylists freak over henna; 4) I've been trimming myself for four years; 5) I just kind of chopped in a little bit of face framing hair so I could see if I didn't mind hair in my face; 6) I'm just a middle-aged housewife, a bit dowdy. I pictured all sorts of scenarios, most of which ended with me being embarrassed, never going back, and getting a bad cut.

But he was actually really good. He asked about the old color, but didn't bat an eye at the henna. Said it made sense when I told him about the face framing bits, and didn't say anything about my hair being wildly uneven. He was very casual, which helped my anxiety a lot. And he explained everything he was doing. We talked about how much I wanted off and he made sure I understood the difference between straight length and curly length. Then he cut, showed me how much, and asked if I wanted more off When he washed and styled it, he explained what he was using and how to use it, how to clip, etc. I've never had a stylist be that accommodating in terms of just making sure I could recreate the look at home (more or less, haha).

My only regret is that I didn't go shorter. I've lived with it for three weeks now and I think I'll go in next week and have another four inches taken off. It'll cost me another $80 (that's including tip, for two hours in the salon!), but it's worth it because I like to be sure before I cut, and I've already cut a good 18" since about March.

alslgirl2002 07-01-2013 04:59 PM

I think I'm going to try to live with this color for a few weeks. Its been my experience that this type of color tends to wash out of my hair very quickly and combine that with summer sun I think it is worth it to wait. That being said, I need to call the salon owner and explain my concerns so that I don't have to pay for the correction if and when I decide to do it.

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