strengthen/thicken hair, but don't increase growth. Does anything like this exist? I was growing out my hair, so I took 2000mcg biotin every day. I only took it a couple of months because my cycle became off for the first time in a long time, and I thought the new supplement may be part of the problem. I also decided to cut my hair (tough decision, but I work in a busier, more physically tiring environment than before, and don't want to deal w/all that hair). I want to maintain the current style, but I'm interested in supplements that strengthen hair and/or add thickness. I think the coloring and relaxers I've used on my hair over time (and maybe wearing it pulled back so much) have caused it to lose volume and thickness. I'd like to get it back - have heard that biotin and silica are good for this - but, I don't want to increase its growth rate. If I take a smaller amount of supplements, will I get benefits like stronger hair w/o it growing in more quickly? Does anything like this exist? I'd also rather not take large amounts of supplements because my body seems to be extra sensitive to new additions into my diet.