Shea Moisture Has a Detangler??

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I really hope they have this at my Target. I want to try it do bad! I just bought KCKT like last week, but I haven't tried it yet. I love the Shea Moisture line, so is rather stick with that
Does it work with KCCC? I know the curling custard doesn't play well with others and you have to use it with KCKT. Nut if the SM detangler is similar, maybe it's okay?

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Originally Posted by naturaldoll
I think KCCC is very much YMMV. I've used it with and without KCKT, and results are about the same. I've actually tried to get the dreaded white globs, and so far haven't been able to. I mix it with all sorts of things in my hand to see what happens. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have any problems with the SM detangler, though. Their products seem to play well with others however you use them.
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I just restocked all my SM products at Walmart! They were cheaper than Target, too. Happiness
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I just restocked all my SM products at Walmart! They were cheaper than Target, too. Happiness
Originally Posted by WavyRoo
, really?? Where I live it's usually the reserved. I think i'm going to try to only use shea moisture products for awhile.
I'm going to force myself to wait until the new products are in wider distribution. There's some things I'd really like to try, but I can't see buying more SM stuff when I already have a bunch to use up. Although I've heard the transitioning milk is really moisturizing... Has anyone used both it and the C & H Milk and can compare the two?
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Shea Moisture Bump Question.
I didn't want to start a new thread so I thought I'd ask it here.
As discussed earlier in this thread Shea Moisture has a lot of products.
I was wondering if anyone has tried the Second Brand by Shea Moisture makers called "Nubian Heritage". I have not, but I am curious to try. From just shopping around I can see that the NH brand is a bit more expensive than SM but that's about all I know. All comments and opinions are welcome:-)
I just bought the SM Detangler to see how it compares to KCKT. I used it today and I'm not sure about the results yet (my hair isn't quite dry). I'll let you know though!

As for your question, I haven't used that part of the SM line. I've only used the pink line.

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