Jessicurl stylers best in dry weather?

I've been on a mission to use up all the stuff I bought over the last 4 months good reason other than my hair has looked horrible for weeks. With the cold, dry air, nothing is working so I figured use up what's there & pray for spring. I found my trial bottles of Rockin' Ringlets & Confident Coils that were shoved under the cabinet when they didn't work in the fall. So, today I used them.

I raked then combed 4 puddles RR & 2 puddles CC into soaking hair & accordian/scrunched out the water with a t-shirt. I'm having such a GREAT hair day!! Nice clumpy definition, enough volume & minimal frizz. (even my too short layers are behaving!) Figures-- I finally get good hair in this weather & Rockin' Ringlets is finished.

So, is no humidity the secret for Jessicurl stylers? Anyone else having luck with them? Debating ordering full sized bottles to get me through the next month of hell weather.

Sorry for the long post... just very happy & needed to share!
3a/b mix
I have been doing almost the same as you-just slightly less of each product, but basically the same ratios-for about 4, it was humid when I started using all Jessicurl, and it worked really well, but, since it's been dry, the clumping and definition is awesome! I have the liter size in HCC, RR and Too Shea and regular size of the aloebe for leave-in & CC since I don't use nearly as much as the RR. I just keep refilling my regular size bottles I do find a big difference between when I air-dry (very healthy, moveable hair that lacks a little volume) and diffuse (much curlier, much more body, not as sleek), but, I agree, the biggest factor overall I think is the humidity, or lack-there-of...

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