Silicon mix and kanechom shea butter d.c. ...need advice !!!

I would really like to try these two products since I have been doing a little research on deep conditioners, some natural girls that I have come across on yt and other sites have used this but i wanted to get an opinion from this forum
Both are brazilian dc heres a link for the silicon mix as far as the ingredients go

I cant find the ingredients for the kanechom shea butter dc
But if anyone has tried these dc or has any input please let me know

Thanks in advance!!
I got this about 2 weeks ago and really liked it. I straightened out my hair right after and it looked great. It's REALLY humid in VA, so I ended up washing last night. Will be using it again and leaving it curly. Hopefully it still looks nice Will let you know
So I tried it again. My hair certainly felt nice, but I will probably ditch the Silicon Mix since cones aren't great for my hair... The Kanechom is really nice though and doesn't smell as harsh
Kanechom and Silicon Mix together are the best conditioners I have ever used when straightening my hair. I recommend the duo when straightening hair. It just soothes everything and makes it so soft. I will continue to buy their deep conditioners. The first one I bought was the "Crystal Bath" version and I really loved that one and I was sad when it was all gone. I've used that one alone on my curly hair and it made my curls pop. But I bought another one on Sunday and it's the Jaborandi version. I will be doing a review on my Youtube channel when I do use it ( I've been using Silicon Mix conditioners for a while as well. I first started using the Silicon Mix Bambu version alone and that was AMAZING. I do have the regular scented one and I only use that when I'm straightening my hair because it has a straightening effect on my hair. You won't rregret either conditioner I promise (:

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