CG Favorite Product Questions...

Ok, so I just realized that the products I'm usually are most definately not CG...

What is a good CG thicker conditioner. I just bought the suave tropical coconut, but I think I would like something thicker?

Also, what is your favorite drugstore CG Leave-in?

And, I just got some BRHG. I like it, but there's a problem. I have to use quite a bit of product in my hair because, well, I have a lot of hair. Obviously, the BRHG is too expensive to use in excess especially on a college budget. Are there any drugstore/ cheaper alternatives to this gel?

Oh... one more questions... If I use CG conditioner and gel but not a CG leave-in how much is that going to affect my hair?

Thanks in advance,

Are you using the Suave for co-washing or as a regular conditioner? I love it for co-washing but it's not nearly moisturizing enough for regular conditioning. For 'regular' conditioners, are you looking for drugstore or does it matter? If it's drugstore only, then I would recommend Activate Hydrating Conditioner. If you can include other stores like Ulta, Wal-mart or even salons, then I would recommend the following:

Devacurl One C (you can check the Devachan website for salons near you that carry it, or you can buy it at ULTA).
Regis Olive Oil condish - Regis salons or Wal-mart salon
LaCoupe Silky Smoothing conditioner - ULTA
Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner - any of the salon brand stores, like Beauty Brands, Beauty Express, Trade Secrets.

If you can include online purchases, then I would definitely recommend Jessicurl Too Shea and Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner.
Health food stores are another great place for good conditioners, like the Nature's Gate line, Dessert Essence,etc.

For a super good drugstore gel I'd have to recommend Herbal Essence's Set Me Up gel. It's got good hold, but if it's not strong enough for you then you could mix it with a smaller blob of BRHG.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
What's the difference between co-washing and regular conditioner?

Conditioner washing is usually a light cheap conditioner used to cleanse the scalp and/or hair. Suave naturals, some of the no cone Vo5's and White Rain naturals are good for this and nice and cheap.
For a thicker conditioner that can be bought local try Sally's beauty supply, Aussie 3 minute miracle knock off, it comes in a big bottle so it's a better buy than the small one that is the real Aussie one. In a pinch though the real one of course does fine. For a leave in if you hair doesn't mind aloe the Sally's knock off of Paul Mitchell The Conditioner is good.
Dep sports gel has lots of hold as does La Looks mega mega hold I believe it's called. Higher the number the more hold on that bottle.
Got2bspiked up is nice, good clumping with that too, weird shaped bottle though.

You'll have to see how the non CG leave in affects your particular hair. I can handle the A cone in the Garnier fructis leave in personally. But I generally use that during the summer. Right now i'm using Beauty without cruelty leave in or PM The conditioner
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!

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