My Devachan cut! (updated with new pictures 3/13)


That cut really does look stunning on you, or maybe you make it look stunning! That's it, it's the latter!

I've been looking at your curls & Darby's. Both you gals seem to have curlier hair than me. This has been making me wonder if a Deva cut would even work for me.

I think I'm between a 2 & 3. I can definitely attain an "a". But it doesn't last long once out of the salon or house.

It may be due to the length weighing it down. It's also normal to fine so a lot of products can be too heavy. And when layers grow out I get the flat-haired hippie chic look going.

That's going on now with the graduated layers on the sides & the space between the bottom of the middle layers to the ends, where the layers have grown out. The middle layers are still showing 3 "a-ish" curl. I haven't had a layering since Nov.

And no curl ever goes to my roots. They get close at times, but not often.

I'm as to what to do.
Liz, your curls sound like my sister's. She's between a wavy and a curly and her hair can go flat too. If she gets a devacut, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes, then you'll have a better idea. But one of the curlies who recommended Teresa had wavy hair and it worked for her. So you never know.

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OOOHHH...I love the springlets you get at your forehead. My hair is too long for those anymore. And you are totally right, it looks way better when you style it. My cutter does the same thing to me too. Parts it too far over so one side is a little flat, but oh well.She knows I usually just go home and co wash and restyle anyway
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I think it was teela1978 who told me she went to the Deva stylist Darby goes to, who I was also going to make an appointment with, & that her Deva cut didn't work out so well, maybe because of her fine wavy hair.

This got me to wondering if I too wouldn't have success with such a cut.

So I again checked out the Curl411 Hair Types, like I did yesterday when I posted. The approximate dry result from me going to bed with it wet in a Mulan updo or half a ribbon bow with one tail (my normal nighttime style without product & unknown amount of rinse-out conditioner left in) is that my hair's a cross between Joss Stone to Nicole Kidman.

The waves are more on my upper half & the curls are more on my lower half, yet I have chunks of light waves to almost straight all the way to the ends & chunks of curls in the middle, probably where my layers are.

Oh & I can be curlier one day & straighter another!

I guess my hair depicts my zodiac sign!

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