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CurliLocks 02-21-2007 12:41 AM

My Devachan cut! (updated with new pictures 3/13)
So I booked an appt with one of the local devachan trained stylists. I'm getting my cut tomorrow. This is a first for me! I'm excited and anxious at the same time. :? :)

Please send the good haircut vibes my way for tomorrow morning (2/21). :D TIA!

tooj68 02-21-2007 12:55 AM

Good haircut vibes being sent your way!!! I am so happy for you! Good luck and I hope your curls turn out awesome!! Isn't it so exciting being curly and finally getting a great cut??

curlsofny 02-21-2007 05:58 AM

They are very good - I go to one near me, they cut just as well as the "real" Deva stylists in my opinion!

medusahair 02-21-2007 07:48 AM

Good luck and have them take pics!

juvjoy 02-21-2007 08:17 AM

Ooooh, good luck! I know it's gonna turn out GREAT! Have fun!

CurliLocks 02-21-2007 10:35 AM

Oh yes, I need to bring the camera. I was going to wait until I got home for pics, but it's supposed to rain. :?

I'm nervous, I've read mixed reviews, but more good than not. DH thinks I'm nuts spending this much on a haircut, but it has been 20 weeks since my last cut. If I only need to cut less often, it works out anyway. :D

CurlyQTPie 02-21-2007 11:33 AM

You're in California and I am too. Can I ask where you're getting your hair cut? I go to Madusalon in San Francisco.

CurliLocks 02-21-2007 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by CurlyQTPie
You're in California and I am too. Can I ask where you're getting your hair cut? I go to Madusalon in San Francisco.

I was going to take your recommendation for there, but this one was closer. :) I went to Teresa Callen, now at Textures Salon, in Menlo Park. She and the Madusalon stylist(s) are the only ones in the Bay Area that are deva trained.

CurliLocks 02-21-2007 11:56 PM

My long review of my devacut with Teresa:

I was there for about 2 1/2 hrs, start to finish. Teresa gave me a quick tour, had me change into a gown and sat me down for a chat. She asked lots of questions about my hair, how I liked it, what I use, etc. I had brought some photos of my old styles and clippings of others, we discussed what I liked and didn't about them. She told me what she wanted to do, reshape the layers to blend better and get the poof out of the sides. Then she started snipping away. :) It was like watching an artist--she'd snip a bit, play with the curls, examine them, snip more. She kept my length and just shaped it up. I think it's a great cut.

After the cutting, she washed my hair with no poo, used one c, and scrunched lightly with paper towels. My hair was very wet. She had me flip my head forward as she scrunched in angell. She then arranged some curls and clipped the top for height, and sat me under the dryer. The bottom was still wet after quite a while, so she set up the heat lamps to finish.

When my hair was dry she again had me flip forward and she fluffed and ruffed up my hair from the back. She said this was breaking the gel cast. And I was done! :)

I will say that I don't know if I like the way she styled it though. But then again, every stylist does the same style on me. :? It's just not a style I usually do. I'll have to rewet and style it myself to see the full effect.

Should I post the pics anyway? :P I guess so. Let me work on getting them on my fotki.

PS - although she did talk about the deva line, she didn't push. She thought my current gel was working for me, but she did rave about the low-poo and no-poo. I told her I was using Jessicurl's HCC (until dermatologist nixed everything with oils for now) and she likes Jess's products too. I need a color but wanted her to see the roots to assess the color--she said the color is great for me and working well (RC's Color - she's heard of it).

PPS - Teresa said I'm a tight boticelli/corkscrew mix. :D

CurliLocks 02-22-2007 01:02 AM

Posted some pics in my Devacut album:
usual PW in sig

MissKellyAnn 02-22-2007 07:33 AM

It sounds great but I can't get your pw to work!

juvjoy 02-22-2007 08:16 AM

That looks GREAT! It actually looks LONGER because of the bulk cut out of the sides :) :) You look wonderful!!!!


bostonwaves 02-22-2007 08:42 AM

I'm loving your hair Curlilocks. Looks Great! 8)

Fearnotsomuch 02-22-2007 08:45 AM

I like it :)

I hope my haircut goes this well!

medusahair 02-22-2007 09:37 AM

Yay no more shelf! I dont' like the way she styled it either but I bet it's great when YOU style it! I love how it hangs and man the back looks good!

CurliLocks 02-22-2007 10:37 AM

Thanks ladies! :) I spritzed it with water this morning to refresh the curls and ran my hands over them. It's actually more curly and less wavy/chunky now. And I did a bit of crossing over at the part so it's a little more even on top now. So far I like it, although the top does seem shorter. I just hope it doesn't go wild when I wash it next time. We'll see.

CurliLocks 02-22-2007 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by MissKellyAnn
It sounds great but I can't get your pw to work!

It seems to be working, try again? It's the one in my sig line, but it's case sensitive.

lazy loops 02-22-2007 10:44 AM

Wheet woo, loo-king good! :D

I have shelving too, but then I asked for it when I asked for layers to give me some volume. Otherwise it just hangs blah-like.

Darby had a Deva cut, twice I think, in Salt Lake, & I'm seriously considering it. I think I'll get it done sometime this spring.

JerseyCurl 02-22-2007 11:19 AM

Simply beautiful! You are soo making me want to get a Devacut. I loooove that pic of the back of your hair. My hair curls very nicely on the sides but the back takes soo much effort that I am starting to think that a good cut will make this area more curly. :D

flcurly 02-22-2007 11:20 AM


Your hair looks fantastic. It looks longer and has what we are all looking for controlled curl. She did a great job on the cut IMO. Hope you like it as well.

How did it go when you styled it yourself?

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