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Jessiebanana 07-13-2013 10:13 PM

Wow...just wow
So I came home today and I wanted to redo my hair after work. I didn't use enough gel and my hair was fluffier than I like and I bought a new product to try, etc. I got out of the shower, did what I needed to do to my hair, and then post work sleepiness kicked in. I thought about a nap and I was all YOU WILL NOT LAY DOWN ON WET HAIR. NOT ON YOUR LIFE WOMAN!!!


Then I thought, you know what's nice about having a leather couch, it won't frizz your hair as much.


I can't even. I have been ambivalent about the fabric on my couch for years...until now. It's not too hot for leather where I live, it looks nice, but I don't love or hate it. Now I'm super stoked.

*Sigh* :sad3:

***Oh, but I forgot I have an Ulta less than a mile away, so guess who haz a diffuser? --->Me! I'll try that tonight after my hair has air dried as much as it can.

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