Is diffusing addictive?

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Sorry guys for all the posts. I obviously don't have a hopping social life .

I was diffusing while watching YT videos, not really looking at my hair, when I turned around was like...


Now if it didn't take me 40 minutes, after 3 hours of air drying, I could see how this effect would be addictive. As it stands right now, I consider diffusing an upper body work out. Though I should be happy, the heat is moisture stealing and all that.

Anyways, every good story needs a picture...or two!

*I'm rocking head phones to hear the audio over the sound of my blow dryer. Don't ask me why I felt the need to take a picture while actually holding the diffuser. I'm weird.
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For people with low porosity hair it is, LOL! Between the curl towels to scrunch out the water and diffusing for a few minutes, I can cut my air drying down to a few hours!
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LOVE IT! Your curls are so shiny. I especially love the twirly curls near your ear! They are so pretty!
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