Is this scab hair or breakage

Ive been transitioning for about 2 years and i recently cut off a whole bunch of my permed hair and its shoulder length now and i would say there are only a few peices with straight end now.The problem is some peices feel really hard and have no curl pattern.Some of The new growrh grew out straight and hard and other peices of my hair grew out soft and curly.Here are some pics.As you can see one picture has a nice defined curl and the other grew out of my head so straight,brittle,with no curl pattern.The straight looking hair takes in no moisture or definition even when its wet.I have combinations of both through out my head and i havent been straightening my hair.So my question is whats going on with my hair.My hair was like the curly pattern you see there when i was a child also.So i know how my real curls look like.Is it scab hair or breakage

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If you've been relaxed for years, especially if you started as a child, there is a chance you have permanently damaged follicles.

I only had a relaxer for one year of my adult life and the hair that grew back in was kind of off for an inch or so, but nothing that lasted years. This may just be how your hair is now in certain places. I'm not sure and I don't know if this is something a Derm could help you figure out or not. Scab hair isn't a researched issue as of now.

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