Hello All!
I recently decided to big chop after 10 months of transitioning! My mother wanted me to get the process done at a salon. At the salon I did not like how my hair was being treated. My hair was washed and brushed very roughly. After that it was combed through again and cut. Lastly my hair was shingled using a fine tooth comb once again with very rough strokes. My scalp was left very sore after the visit but I felt very fine about it until I noticed the breakage. I deep conditioned and while I was smoothing the product through there were small thin pieces of curved broken hair. So, my question is how much breakage is too much, am I being a little too anal? Also what are some ways to recover from this breakage? I'm kind scared of salons now lol and I don't have any trimming scissors so I cant really trim my hair.. The hair also does not look like it has any split ends on it. I'm just confused on what to do because Im newly natural so I dont really know my hair yet.. I don't want this to ruin my journey before it even starts and I'm really bummed that this happened.. My hair is about a 3c/4a hair type and its very very thick. It never had a problem growing until I started relaxers long ago and now that i'm natural I really want to be able to see my growth. Any help is appreciated, Thank you!