Hair dryers?!?!

Helppp me! I posted this again cause I really need help

Recently I've been loving the Devacurl products! They make your hair smell good and my hair feels a million times healthier.... but there is one thing I HAVE NOT been loving... how long my hair takes to dry! I can wait all day but it still won't be dry! Usually only the front dries (because its shorter) and that is the only part that looks good!

I have tried using a blow dryer and defuser (The devacurl one is the best I've tried!) but still I get too impatient and my hair never fully dries, so when I release the gel cast and my hair isn't dry it gets oily and frizzy and just gross. I am considering using a hooded hairdryer (One that rolls or that you set on the counter, whichever) to get my hair dry fast. I want to get the salon-like look that I got at devachan SO BAD! If you've been there you know what I mean, its so relaxing to just sit there in your robe playing on the iPad! Plus your hair looks perfect!

I feel embarrassed to order a hooded dryer because I think my family will think I've gone nuts, so Im only gonna do it if I know it will work! Somebody please give me some suggestions for a hooded dryer or some sort of dryer like that? Something not too expensive. Also does this damage your heat more than diffusing? Or is about the same? Also how long do you have to sit under it?

So basically.... hooded hair dryer suggestions (What brand, blah blah....)

PLEASE help me!

Thank youuu
There are several posts, one recently, have you done a search? I'll try to find the recent thread for you....

Here it is:
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Thanks! Just wondering... I tried using a silk bonnet overnight and hated it, that wouldn't give the same effect... right?
Garage/yard/rummage sales are great places to get hard top hair dryers on the cheap. A lot of people who used to do roller sets have finally decided that's never going to happen again.

They are easier on your hair than using a blowdryer with a diffuser, as long as you use them on low heat.

They're also great for doing deep treatments.

It's also a nice way, as you noticed, to get some me time.

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Right. A silk bonnet is a totally different thing.

Also, the conclusion that the soft hooded hair dryer is amazing isn't universal. I've known a couple of people who bought it with high hopes, but found it less than satisfactory because it doesn't have the hole distribution that hard hat dryers have, so most of the hair isn't in the air flow pattern. Also, you'd have to have someplace safe to lay your blow dryer without its overheating, while you're still within range of the electrical outlet, and the length of the dryer hose can reach your head, preferably where you can sit and relax.

When and if you shop for a hard hat dryer, consider the depth of the hood, so that you get one which covers your head (including the sides) well, so that all of your hair will be dried evenly. Baking part of your scalp to dry spots that aren't as well covered isn't fun.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
CGing since July 2008
Original thread
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Yeah Ive heard a lot of people that didn't like it

Question has there been discussions on here about hard hat dryers (Im sure you can tell I'm new!) can somebody link it?
Does it give you hat hair? I tried looking up some of the recent threads but the one I found said it made their hair flat and pooft and now I'm scared :O
I gotta find one from a place with a good return policy, just in case I guess....

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