When my roots grow out, I look like I am losing my hair!

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I would like to know the answer to this problem as well. Like others on there, I started graying in my early 20's. I'm now pretty much all gray at 43. I'm just not ready to go natural yet....so I dye my roots every 4 weeks.

Actually I'm in a bit of a quandary lately, I've started taking Biotin and using Castor Oil, combined with all the other healthy changes I've made since going CG....and my hair is growing like crazy. Which is a good thing because i'm trying to grow my hair out, but it's really bad about week 3-4 because I can't wear my hair down or up because all the white hairs make it look like I'm balding. I have thin hair already and the graying problem is not helping.

Is there a root spray out there that can be washed out that's even anywhere close to CG?
I would like to know what other curlies do ( who color their roots and who have dark hair) when their silver starts to grow in. I really dislike looking like I am losing my hair. I cant think of anything to do except use those hair powders or hair mascara (ugh).
Originally Posted by Myrna
I'm letting mine grow in! I'm sick of dyeing it all the time. I've been graying since my early 20's. I have about 2" grown in so far. It's another reason I did a big chop.

My mom is too, but she's been using this to cover the stripe:

Roux - Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse #12

Beware, though, it comes off if it rains! It's temporary and lasts until you wash it out.
Originally Posted by chloe92us
Okay, this is my first multi-quote and it appears to have worked. Myrna, I don't have an answer because, like chloe92us, I am letting my gray grow out also. I got a big chop too. I only have about 1 and 1/2 inch of growth. Yes, when I look at the front of my hairline, in the middle, it does look like I am losing my hair. Yikes, this IS tough. But I have this weird little strategy that I try.

Every morning and night, I look in the mirror and think of snow. It has been so hot, that I said to my husband, "when we have our next heat wave, you can look at the top of my head and feel cooler b/c it looks like it snowed on me".

More realistically, I look in the mirror and I try to imagine myself when I'm past this growing out stage. It's like I'm trying to re-program my mind. Instead of concentrating on how much I love (and I do love) my root job and highlights, I try to picture myself exactly the same, only with silver/salt and pepper/whatever grows in, and imagine how much I will like that. I say to myself, "You can rock this gray thing...you put on some nice blush and lipstick, or bright earrings...whatever, and stop thinking gray = old!"

Now, I don't know if this will work, but I am so tired of the expense involved in having my hair done. I really can't afford it anymore. I needed to buy a piece of furniture that cost $400 last week. I bought it because I knew that by doing so, I could then not afford to have my hair colored and highlighted at this time, so I would have to stick with growing out the gray.

Also, I'm beginning to wonder, do I look like I've got a bald spot because maybe all the stuff I've been doing to my hair has caused to it to break off and thin? The part that is growing in looks so shiny and healthy too. To sum things up, I did this once before, only I had long hair and didn't know how to style it curly. Now my hair is a bob, I guess that's what it's called, and now I know how to wear my hair curly, so this might be fun, after all.

I try to think of Rita Moreno on that show Happily Divorced (although she spikes it straight). I think she looks awesome.

Well, that's my hair-story....for what it's worth.
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