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curlygirl_7 07-21-2013 08:51 PM

Devachan: The Experience (Thinking about having a Devacut?)
If your thinking about having a Devacut at Devachan salon, here is my opinion on it and what the whole experience is like :)

❤ When I first decided I wanted to go to Devachan I researched A LOT online to find out the best stylists there :) I wanted to go to Robert because I heard good stuff about him... but then I saw the price and sure enough when my mom called to make the appointment, she was like... um, no :O I had heard about Sophie but she wasn't available so I went to another girl who was also a Junior stylist though I forget her name....

When I first got there I was actually quite terrified, cause I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. The people at the desk were very nice (There's a lot of people who say they are snobby but trust me they're not!) and they sent me to go get a robe and I was like... :O A silk robe!

My stylist was very nice, but I guess she could tell I was nervous cause she was like... "Do you not like getting your hair cut?" And I was resisting the urge to be like... NO WAY, I've been waiting for this FOREVER!

My stylist started talking to me about my routine and what I wanted. I told her I wanted it a little shorter (Mostly in the back!) with layers cause I wanted my curls to bounce more instead of being so limp and lifeless. She got me something to drink (I felt so special ;) )She took out her little scissors and started snipping bit by bit, it was quite cool to watch actually.

When she was done snipping, she asked what I thought and I actually burst out laughing. The thing is, when they are cutting your hair they finger comb through the curl and then cut it. In the process, the piece frizzes out like crazy. So when she was done, I looked like I had a crazy afro. I was kinda terrified my hair was completely ruined! Luckily, she told me that usually happens and that once we wash it will go back to normal (PHEW!) so I said the length was good.

Next we went to go wash my hair. That was DEFINITELY my favorite part, The chair was actually a bed, you lay down and your surrounded by this strange netting. They didn't shampoo my hair cause I had done it the day before, but they like massaged my head with the conditioner and it felt so refreshing.

When they were done they flipped me over and put on some Ultra Defining Gel. Then they squeezed my hair with the DevaTowel. I always thought you were supposed to use the microfiber towel before the gel, but turns out if you use it after its supposed to help prevent frizz, which is always good!

Next they put in the clips, they put them at the roots but only near the back of my head cause they said thats where I needed the most volume.

They sat me under the hooded dryer that comes right out of the wall, and I played on the iPad they had there while my hair dried for a while. Then they flipped me over and scrunched my hair.

I seriously looked like I was in a hair commercial. My hair was shiny and hydrated and even though it was super hot outside it lasted all day and stayed perfect! (Too bad I had to go skiing the next day and I ruined it :( )

I bought a little bin of clips and the Devafuser. Overall the experience was expensive but SO worth it! My hair has improved so much since before I went there. GO. GO GO GO! I don't think you have to spend a ton of money on a Senior stylist, my stylist was great! :)

Well thats just my opinions and experience, sorry it was so long! Anyways I hoped you liked this and consider going there :)

curlygirl_7 07-21-2013 09:50 PM

Oh and I was around 2C or 2B when I first went to the salon but after they perked up my curls and shaped them I became like a 3A :) They said my hair was just wavy at first but now its definitely curly and Im actually quite happy about that :)

SpiralSpunk 07-22-2013 01:43 AM

Glad you had a great experience, it sounds so pampering.

I'm pretty sure now that I'm going to go to the actual DevaChan salon in Culver City instead of trying someone local.

wendi.wendy 07-22-2013 08:41 AM

Thanks for this great review! I always like getting lots of detail, so it definitely wasn't too long for me. ;)

I'm interested because my mom cuts my hair and she always has (she's a hair stylist) but...she's getting older, 75 now, and I know at some point I'll have to actually go to a salon and have someone else cut my hair.

That thought TERRIFIES me because I went deaf in 2008 and I can't imagine trying to communicate with someone I don't know, while they cut my hair. I read lips well, but I hear nothing at all if I'm not wearing my cochlear implant processors (I have to take them off if my hair is wet, and I can't wear them during a haircut).

I know lots of deaf people go get haircuts in salons, it's obviously doable, it just scares the crap outta me. :o So any and all detailed reviews of a salon haircutting experience are much welcomed!!

rainboe 07-22-2013 09:34 AM

This review is really helpful. I'm glad you wrote it up, and I'm happy you had a good experience. :)

wendi.wendy, a lot of stylists will let you schedule a consultation with them before the haircut so that you guys can discuss your hair and your goals beforehand. Hopefully you can find a good stylist. Also, there's nothing wrong with bringing a friend along to help you navigate things if you're not use to being in an actual salon.

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