scrunching ruined my curls! am i doing something wrong?

so before (about a month ago) the hair that framed my face was really curly... i just started CG about 2 weeks ago and its not that curly anymore... instead of going into curls it goes into lose waves. i am not doing anything differently than before, except for the CG. but i dont understand how (if it is the CG) could have done that because after all, it is supposed to make your hair curlier right? and if it isnt the CG, then what is it? am i doing something wrong? maybe its that i scrunch my hair constantly while its drying (i have a really bad habbit of doing that)? i have no clue what it could be...any replies will be very much appreciated.


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You should really try not to touch your hair while it's drying. It causes frizz and messes with the curl pattern.
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You should really try not to touch your hair while it's drying. It causes frizz and messes with the curl pattern.
Originally Posted by Bailey422
ITA with Bailey. Definitely do NOT touch it until it's completely dry. You should notice a HUGE improvement.
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CG may also be overconditioning or too heavy for your hair. Definitely don't change it yet, and try not touching it, which will really help. Then if you still have the problem, you might want to try doing an ACV rinse or lemon-aid to perk 'em up.

Oh, and what products are you using? That could also be the problem.

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My curls drop significantly if I touch them while they're drying!
Mine need the gel stiffness scrunched out before it's totally dry in order to curl up well.
But if I don't have a strong enough gel in or good clumping that day my hair will go all poofy and messy. I call it low humidity hair
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