How do you apply your leave it?

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I've finally come to the conclusion that I HAVE to scrunch it my gel (raking breaks up my waves far too much). However I can't seem to figure out leave in.

If I scrunch it in, I seem to not get good distribution and frizz control. If I rake, it sometimes breaks up my waves but sometimes works well.

Basically what I have been doing is after rinsing upside down, I rake my leave in into dripping wet hair. Then I blot/scrunch with a microfiber, then smooth and scrunch in gel.

I know I should be applying the LI to dripping hair but should I also be doing that with gel? Rather than blotting in between? And should I be raking in the LI or does that just break up the wave?
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I think it really varies and you'll just have to experiment. I rake my leave in condish in and then start scrunching. I also don't do it while my hair is dripping wet. I do it after I have squeezed some water out of my hair after my final cold water rinse.
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Experimenting with lots of products in my cabinet...

My hair loves protein, plopping, and diffusing! Trying to find a way to style and air dry.
i squeeze alot of water out of my hair after a shower and with a towel and then I flip upside down and rake it in because I finger comb now its a good way to do that. thats pretty much it for me.
I like to use a Denman brush to make sure the conditioner is distributed then I scrunch.

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I rake mine into soaking wet hair and scrunch it in a little bit before I put in my gel. I'm still experimenting though with raking in my products vs. scrunching them in. I find that I get more piecey curls with raking, but less frizz.
I rake mine into soaking wet hair upside down, then gently hand scrunch to remove excess water before plopping. Basically I bring a section of hair up to my scalp, then scrunch and hold for a few seconds before releasing and moving to the next. I start off the scrunching process upside down, and do a two handed scrunch for the bulk of my hair. Then finish right side up, tilting my head left, right, and backwards to do each side and the back.

Usually, LI distributes easily and I can see clumps start to form as I'm raking it into my hair. Occasionally though, if my moisture balance is off, I don't get the clumping action I want out of my regular LI. In those cases, I have decent luck using a wide tooth comb upside down to make clumps happen, then do any scrunching afterward.

When I use gel, I rake in LI, then rake in gel all upside down, add a bit more gel to the back of my hair right side up (if needed), then scrunch out excess water by hand. Hard hold gels disrupt my clumps if I use them on damp hair. Too grabby. I think the water content in soaking wet hair helps the gel distribute better, assisting with clumping, instead of pulling the clumps apart and leaving me with stringlets. More liquidy gels, like HETT, do ok applied to damp hair, but I haven't found one that gives me the hold I want.
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I rake and then comb in my leave in (right side up). I scrunch gel in on top (upside down).

If I'm using my all-in-one FSG curl cream, I rake and then comb (rightside up), then scrunch that (upside down).

I always rake/comb rightside up and I always scrunch upside down. It just works better for me that way.

I don't use my t-shirt "towel" until I'm completely done with all products. My hair sheds most of its water quickly though, so it doesn't stay dripping wet for very long. My final step is to scrunch with my t-shirt (upside down ) and then kind of hold the final scrunch on my head while I go back rightside up and then let go.
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You can try raking in leave-in on soaking wet hair, and then running a final cold rinse on top.... which should reclump your hair. Afterward you can scrunch the excess water out and plop or whatever as usual.
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I simply scrunch in my leave in.... works perfect for me.

Maybe a spray leave in is just the thing for you...?!

(you could just pour the content of the bottle into an empty spray bottle)

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The Curl Whisperer, Tiffany Anderson, taught me to squeeze as much water out of my hair as I can with my bare fists prior to squishing styling products in. It should sound like you're walking through mud as you scrunch. I squish the gel through my hair for about as long as it would take me to walk an uncrowded city block, in other words, a lot longer than you might think. This gets the gel really well distributed, and makes sure my curls have plenty of opportunity to reform. I then let that sit for a while, until my hair feels wet, not gooey, then scrunch dry with a smooth surfaced towel with my hair flipped over.
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I rake my leave in and gel in soaking wet hair in sections. My hair is too thick to scrunch anything in.

Soaking wet promotes clumps, but I also think its pulls out curl in looser curl patterns. Maybe if you applied half the amount to wet hair to encourage clumps and then scrunch in the other hair after you towel dry to lock in the tighter curl.
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This is so true. I've tried experimenting with friends and family's hair (honestly--I think they are getting sick of my wanting to "style" them) and when their curl or wave is looser, soaking wet hair drags it down.
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Have you tried smooth on or over (between the palms) then scrunching up gently? That's what works for me. And then I pump it a few times for that squish people are talking about. But when I'm scooping and scrunching up I'm gentle. It's only when I at the scalp that I squish a little more vigorously.
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