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I have kinky coily hair and have only just recently heard about co-washing?

Is Wen the right product to use? They don't ever mention the term 'co-washing', but their product seems to be just that.

Is there something else I should use?

I've seen a lot of videos and read a lot of content, but I wanted to get the info first hand.... what should my hair feel like after I cowash? From what I've used, sometimes my hair feels a bit 'dirty' after cowashing, sometimes it feels soft and silky...

What should I look for in a product?

Why isn't there a cowash specific brand that's out and open about it?
I don't know whether Wen has a good co-wash, could you post the ingredients?

What you should look for: a co-wash is usually light. No heavy conditioning ingredients, no oils. Just a very light conditioner. Also, when you wash your hair with only conditioner, you cannot use silicones (ingredients that end on -cone, -conol or -xane), parrafin, beeswax, petrolatum, and (for some people) mineral oil. These ingredients aren't bad by themselves or anything; it's just that these need sulfates (which can be found in shampoos) to be washed out. So when you use these and wash with just conditioner they will stick to your hair, prevent moisture from entering your hair and dry it out eventually.

''Why isn't there a cowash specific brand that's out and open about it?''

Yes there are. The ones I can name are Curl Junkie and Deva. These brands have cleansing conditioners. And I know there are more brands.

Oh and what's very important to remember for co-washing is to rub your scalp with your fingers! That way you'll definitely get your scalp clean.

Hope this helps!
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I would not use wen for co washing. It has cones and if your not using a sulphate shampoo you will get build up from it. I really like As I Am coconut co wash. No cones and cleans well. It's hard to describe the feeling of co washing. Hair feels clean but not dry and squeaky clean. Sometimes if I co wash the while length of my hair I don't have to use a rinse out conditioner. Skip to my leave in and go from there. Everyone is different and some love wen or think co washing is too weird just watch for build up if you keep using the wen. That is probably the gross feeling you are experiencing.
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Wen is a type of conditioner cleansing system. It does have cones in it however, which I find super odd and really not the best choice for cowashing, so I'd vote no for Wen.

Many people use cheapie light conditioners like Suave Naturals, Tresseme Naturals and V05 to cowash. Certain brands also make conditioner cleansers like CJ Daily Fix and Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream.

There are many brands that are compatible with the Curly Girl method, including Kinky Curly, SheaMoisture, Jessicurl, Curl Junkie, Darcy's Botanicals, Shescentit, Spiral Solutions to name a few. Other brands that are not necessarily geared toward curly hair care also make many CG-compatible products, including Giovanni, Nature's Gate, Mill Creek, EO, Burt's Bees, Yesto (Cucumbers) - just always check the back for cones and sulfates, a good habit to get into.
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No to Wen, for the same reasons others gave, but also because they advocate massaging the conditioner into the hair, and show the hair being rubbed, which would risk damaging the hair cuticle.

There is a co-wash brand, in that Lorraine Massey came up with the concept, and her salon puts out a line of haircare products, including No-Poo. However she never specified use of any brand, including her own, in her books. (She is the author of Curly Girl: The Handbook.)

I just use one of the Suave Naturals conditioners, or VO5 Kiwi-Lime Freeze or Free Me Fresia conditioner. They're really cheap, easy to find, and do a good job.

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How should you properly co wash if you don't massage your scalp?

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