What am I missing: summer vs winter

I used the same products this past winter, but I looove my hair so much more in the summer. In the winter it gets limp looking...especially on rainy days. In the summer, it curls tighter, or I get crazy beachy waves.

Right now, it might get frizzy on day 2, but if I spray it with some water mixed with SM curl milk, it curls right up.

Here's my routine: ronatrals coconut
Ro suave naturals coconut
Co AIM coconut cowash
Brush through with denman SM smoothie
SM milk and souffle scrunch through
Clip and diffuse

Only thing different now is heat and humidity (central NC)

So.... What can I do to help my winter hair?

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Forgot to add I am a 2c/3a who used to be much straighter before cg.

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