How can I do this to my hair

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I recently became all natural. Well technically....I stopped relaxing in Jan 2012 and bc'ed in Dec 2012. Ill attach pics of growth but what I wanna know is how I can get definition. Ive done wash and gos. I havent bought alot of products because I dont want to become a pj lol. One picture that will be attached will have how I want my hair to look. Also how do I keep my hair from getting crushed during the night? I doubt that I can pineapple my hair just yet. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks

the first pic is when I BC
the next is as of last week after taking out braids (crazy fro)
the last two are my hair crush elle everything her....thats my hair goal
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How can I do this to my hair-imag0477.jpg   How can I do this to my hair-imag1022.jpg   How can I do this to my hair-elle-hair.jpg   How can I do this to my hair-hair-crush-elle-varner-has-fabulous-big-hair.jpg  
Even though you have short hair, I think you can still pineapple your hair. That will keep it from getting crushed at night. Experiment with gels. I get great definition with aloe Vera gel, Softee olive oil conditioning gel, or la looks sport gel. I also conditioner wash in between shampooing with a sulfate/silicone free shampoo & conditioner. I also have a clarifying shampoo that I use once a month. Deep condition often. I also baggy my hair with olive, coconut, & castor oils on dry hair.
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Their hair actually has less definition than yours in your first pick. They have a different curl type. So the answer is you need new curl idols, because your hair will never look like that and I don't think it's helpful to lust after a different curl pattern.

I redid my hair everyday when it was short, but you might want to try a gel. It will help with definition and help you achieve 2nd or 3rd hair without a pineapple.
What I want from Elle is that fullness.....I really want beyonce when she did goldmember lol
I love Elle Varner, she is gorgeous.

You have beautiful hair.
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I love Elle Varner, she is gorgeous.

You have beautiful hair.
Originally Posted by Samanthascurlz
Thanks Im learning to love it. Just want more definition.
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See I'm anti poof. I love Mahoganycurl's hair and I love that I can watch my hair go through all the stages her hair went through.

She gets more volume when she does bantu knots or twist outs, rather than wash and gos. I would imagine if you used conditioner only and fluffed your hair out while it was drying you would get more volume. Also defined volume like your idols is partially due to length. It looks like she has a ton of hair, because she does have a ton of hair. Your hair will get bigger, just give it time.
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her hair is amazing!
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