Hi guys! New here and want to share my experience so far... :o)

Hi there! I've been lurking here for a few weeks now and just started the CG method/signed up here a couple of days ago. I just had to post because so far I am extremely happy!!

First, let me tell you a little about my hair. I've been coloring it since I was a young teen (I'm 20 now), heat styling for years, and using sulfates/cones etc for as long as I can remember. I have natural loose waves, not quite 2A but not straight either, but I have a lot of hair. Medium texture, normal porosity. I've always had silky feeling, limp hair that continually lost its wave and just stuck out in different directions instead of laying flat or looking pretty.

I heard of the CG method after doing some research on sulfates/silicones for hair. Preserving color is always a concern for me, plus, who doesn't want healthier looking hair that doesn't need much work in the morning?

Anyway, I lurked here and decided to try some products so I bought the SM Moisture Restorative Shampoo, Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner, LA Girl Sport Hair Gel and a microfiber towel. I put away every other product I had and did my last sulfate shampoo a couple of days ago.

Since then, I've washed my hair three times. The first time, I used the SM shampoo followed by the Suave conditioner. My hair felt lovely but I think I used too much gel. I couldn't "scrunch out the crunch". I plopped, too, and got some nice waves but it looked very stringy because of too much gel.

The second time, I decided to cowash using just the Suave. I used the gel and plopped when I got out, but this time I used much less. I was able to scrunch out the crunch just fine but I actually combed through with my fingers a bit and LOVED my hair. It was so soft, bouncy, and omg tons of volume. I could flip my hair over, shake it a little and it looked perfect. Soft waves, shiny, and smelled so good. Everyone was commenting on how full my hair looked.

I just did my third cowash about 20 minutes ago. Hair is still wet, but I did the same thing as the previous wash and I'm hoping I keep loving the result! I am so surprised by how clean my hair actually feels. I never thought conditioner by itself could do that.

The only thing is now I think I need a leave-in conditioner because I've found since I don't have a silicone coating anymore, my hair gets a bit frizzy as the day goes on. Any suggestions for a light one I can use? I should mention I live on Long Island, NY and this summer so far has had a high dew point of 65-70 some days...

I'm so looking forward to seeing how my hair is in a few weeks, and it will also be interesting to see if more wave comes out and how long my color lasts versus regular sulfate shampoo.

Thank you ladies for all of the amazing tips and methods posted on here!! I am so excited.

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Welcome! My dye lasts better conditioner only washing compared with regular shampoo, I have always used cool water. Many of us use the same conditioner as leave in as we use for wash out, some use their co-wash conditioner as a leave in - you may as well experiment with what you already have.

Since your hair is coloured and not coarse (so fine or medium) it may well appreciate some hydrolysed protein, either in a treatment or in a wash out and/ or leave in conditioner. That may boost and help define your waves as well as strengthening.
2a-2c, medium texture, porous/ colour treated. Three years CG. Past bra strap length heading for waist.

CO-wash: Inecto coconut/ Elvive Volume Collagen
Treatments: Komaza Care Matani, coconut/ sweet almond/ fractionated coconut oils, Hairveda Sitrinillah
Leave in: Fructis Sleek & Shine (old), Gliss Ultimate Volume, various Elvive
Styler: Umberto Giannini jelly, Au Naturale styling gelee
Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
Experimenting with: benign neglect

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