Coloring over henna?

I henna'd my hair in November, and now that I've grown it out, my hair is about 3/4 reddish and 1/4 light brown. I was wondering if I could use Herbatint or Naturtint over henna and it would work well because the websites warned against using these colors over henna'd hair...the Naturtint website said to wait until the henna was removed before dyeing, but if the henna would wash out, I wouldn't need to dye it, hahaha

Anyway, has anyone found these brands to work for them? Or, better yet, has anyone found a way to get my virgin hair back? Thank you!
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What henna did you use, pure body art quality or a henna blend for hair or a lower quality product? You can use *some* box dyes over pure body art quality henna, but they will only add to the colour not remove the henna or disguise it completely. If you used a henna blend or lower quality I wouldn't dare do a permanent box dye over it, only a semi permanent. 'Natural' permanent dyes are packed with nasty chemicals, they really are not any better for hair than other box dyes.

In general henna is considered the most permanent colour processes your can do, it generally does not even persulphate bleach out. There is a lengthy thread over on the Long Hair Community about removing henna with peroxide free colour removers like Colour B4 Extra or Color Oops, but no guarantees you could dry your hair out badly and it not shift satisfactorily.

Whatever route you choose, please do strand tests with shed plughole hair and patch tests on a sensitive area of skin so you don't get any nasty surprises.
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