?'s about Honey, Shea Butter, & Coconut Oil

Shea butter is my altimate God send!! I use it as a leave in and it gives me well defines, bouncy curls... i've quit using gel since i found this stuff!! it doesn't hold as such but because my curls are so moisturised and free to springy i don't feel i need any hold! Heres what it looks like... http://www.healthlifeline.com/item.html?PRID=1001662
Originally Posted by GrecianCurls
You're right about this stuff. It's wonderful and my 3b-c curls are loving me today. Thanks. Also, it's cheap $13 w/shipping and arrived in a few days.
Poo: KBB shampoo bar or Shikai moisturizing shampoo
CoWash: VO5 kiwi
Cond: Robert Craig, Tresemme Natural, or Fekkai Shea Butter
Leave in/Styling: Grapeseed oil, KBB milk, KCCC, and Aveda Confixor
Mine arrived fast too. I'm having a great hair day so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to try it dang it!
I'm so excited to try it! It has great ingredients in it
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I add a dab of honey to my conditioner, leave it in for a minute, then rinse. I do this maybe twice a week to add shine, and for extra conditioning. Can't do it every shampoo like many of the women here do -my hair gets weighed down easily. I've wanted to try coconut oil as a leave-in, but again my hair gets weighed down so easily. I've read about all the benefits of oiling, but jojoba oil did nothing for my hair.

Ladies who use coconut: do you think it would be too heavy for finer hair types (I think mine is 2b or 2a - it seems to lose volume every day)? I was thinking monoi oil may be better for me.
I still love the stuff but after a couple of weeks it's building up. Anybody have a clarifier to recommend that isn't too drying?
Poo: KBB shampoo bar or Shikai moisturizing shampoo
CoWash: VO5 kiwi
Cond: Robert Craig, Tresemme Natural, or Fekkai Shea Butter
Leave in/Styling: Grapeseed oil, KBB milk, KCCC, and Aveda Confixor

A couple of years ago I tried shea butter, I melted some and added it directly to two bottles of inexpensive COs (and maybe to a hand lotion as well) but I may have added too much because the results weren't good, after that I didn't experiment with it anymore and forgot about it for so long that next time I found it had gone bad, so I still don't know if in the right amount it may have worked well for me. This just reminded me that back in December or January while browsing through the beauty isles at Wal-mart I noticed a product (or rather about 5 varieties of it) on the skin care section that I was quite tempted to get - but didn't because I'd just bought several hair products elsewhere. It was JR Watkins Shea Butter and it was actually priced at least a couple of dollars less than at this site. This cream is really meant for skin but the ingredient list sounded great for hair as well, I think it has dimethicone far down the list but that is one of the lighter 'cones anyway and I think when it's mixed with so many oils it's even less of a problem. I would've gladly bought either the Lavender or Lemon Cream because they smelled great, maybe next time...

I have used honey mainly mixed with FOTEAVG (Fruit of The Earth 100% Aloe Vera Gel) for hold and also in a CO for extra moisture. And every year during the short cold spell here I do at least one coconut oil overnight treatment; I like it because it's easy to remove with just CO and it leaves my hair shiny and moisturized. A couple of weeks ago I dug out my Organic Root Stimulator Locs & Twists Gel (which contains coconut milk) and I loved how it moisturized my hair, the only problem is that it has very little hold so in a few hours my curls got fuzzy. But the next day I just re-wet my hair, sprayed Suave liquid gel over it, combed through and scrunched while upside-down and was able to go for 2 more days with pretty good curls. Next time I want to try mixing it with the FOTEAVG and see how that goes.
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