My little curly guy! pics

Here are my son's little curls:

Unfortunately, he just got them cut off. He's 9 and until he gets the hang of styling them, etc it's just easier for him.

Funny, he insists he's a wavy, not a curly! I keep trying to explain that it's all degrees of curliness.

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Awwwww!!!! Beautiful curls!
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves
Very cute, and they look so soft!
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That is so precious!!!! My youngest has curls as well (she's 2) I hope she never loses them!

AAWWW! I wanna steal them! Both my sons are straighties, although my youngest sons hair has cowlicks and a double crown, so there is a rebel gene in there somewhere!

I'd love a curly kid, if only to feel less outnumbered around here!
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
They look so soft and cute. My youngest is 9 and has the thickest, wiriest curls ever. He likes them but I get them cut off as soon as they grow past half an inch (if that). Number 2 with the clippers all over. Poor baby, they're really not nice.
how cute.

My youngest son had blonde ringlets as a baby. I think his hair is still very curly, but he keeps it short. My other son, who is almost 16, has plenty of wave. Up until about 2 weeks ago, it was 1/2 down his back and he had just enough wave to make it look like he never brushed it. I never could convince him to just scrunch in some gel and let it curl. Now he has a "bi-hawk."

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What beautiful curls!! My son (16) had the greatest curls when he was little...and I even took pics of the back of his head too, right before we cut them off, lol! His hair is long now but he brushes it out, grrrrr....
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Aww! So adorable.
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Thanks! I love that he's turning into a curly. Unfortunately, not much shows now after the cut. But I will say that when he used to have the same cut when younger, his hair straightened out right away when he brushed it. Now, whether he combs or brushes, there is still some curl/wave.

He just has to face that he's a *curly* like mom! :P

SF Bay Area, CA * "The Angel-Goddess-Guru of Haircoloring"
3b/c/a mix. medium texture, low porosity
My Motto: Strand Test! some hair pics
-- gone, but never forgotten.
He's a cutie!!
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