Cut my hair, lost my curl

According to the quiz, I have 2a hair. However, it's also incredibly course and dense with low porosity. I recently cut 2 1/2 feet off, basically from past my butt to above my shoulder and have lots of layers seeing as my hair is so thick. I used to have lovely beachy wavy hair that I was so proud of and now my hair barely even waves at all! I thought that with short layers and less gravity it'd be easier for my hair to curl as that's what happened last time I cut it...I've tried different mouses and sea salt sprays and hair sprays after getting out of the shower but so far nothing is really working except for a curling iron which isn't too possible for every day for me because I'm inept when it comes to blow drying my hair and I obviously can't curl it when it's wet. My hair is very healthy, it's always shiny and soft (when a bad product isn't making it crunchy) and I very rarely have breakage. I used to love my hair and now I'm wishing I never cut it. Any ideas/products?
2a, low porosity, high density, course hair
I fluctuate between 2A, B, and C but I find I have more wave when my hair is long. When I cut my hair to just above shoulder length I was pretty much 2A. Now that it's getting longer I'm more 2B/C.

Wavy hair often needs length for the waves to fully form.
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.

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