DIY trim or professional curl trim

Its that time again & i need a trim? Does anyone DIY trim? If so, any suggestions? I don't know that there are stylist in Dallas that can cut curly hair without straightening my hair first.
I self-trim. I never go to a salon anyore, I don't trust them. They don't know how to treat hair, don't know anything about ingredients, and cut off way too much.

I trim by the search & destroy method. That means you take some time to examine your hair for split ends and only cut off the split ends. Btw, here's a pic that explains are different types of splits.

Once you have a split of any kind it's best to cut it off right away. Nothing can repair a split (only temporarily glue together), and it will only keep splitting further up your hair strand.

Edit: Oh and remember, you need a trimming scissor. Regular scissors aren't sharp enough and will therefore damage your hair more. Good trimming scissors are sharp and will leave your hair undamaged.

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If your are only trimming, then you can do it yourself. I've heard of twisting or braiding small sections of hair and inspecting the pieces that stick out along the twist/braid. These are most likely split, damaged.

If you are getting a cut, then you should find a curly-hair professional. I don't much about the area but these salons have good reviews from curlies.

Lalique Beauty Salon
3 reviews
Category: Hair Salons [Edit]
5519 Arapaho Rd
Ste 116
Dallas, TX 75248
Neighborhood: Addison
(972) 233-2220

On the Avenue Salon
3 reviews
Categories: Cosmetics & Beauty Supply, Hair Salons, Hair Removal
4125 N Central Expy
Dallas, TX 75204
Neighborhoods: East Dallas, Lower Greenville
(214) 599-0013

Good luck
If you have a layered cut, you can cut or trim with the ponytail method. Two steps:

1. Make ponytail at nape of neck. Cut off end in one straight line.
2. Make ponytail on crown of head (don't worry if some of your hair doesn't reach the ponytail holder). Hold ends straight up and cut off in one straight line.

It's actually pretty idiot-proof. If you're just looking to trim a little bit, put another ponytail band on and then slide down to one inch or so from ends, then cut at the second ponytail holder. Easy-peasy.
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