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CurlyCowgirly 08-14-2013 06:08 PM

I'm at my wits end w/ my rebellious bangs. Please help!
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I know this is kinda long, but I'm desperate for help...
I've had bangs for several years to hide my tallish forehead, but I don't know why I've kept them around so long....they hardly ever cooperate! See pics below. I have semi-wispy side-swept bangs that I straighten. A couple months ago I cut bangs all the way across my forehead with long ends on each side (like Taylor Swift circa 2013). Now I'm back to the side-swept style b/c it cooperates a little better.

Overall, my bangs fall flat on my forehead, poof out on the sides, and spotlight my "balding spots." AND after all-day wear, they always curl under at the ends or get weird waves throughout.

I'm tired of having bad photos (and looking ridiculous all the time) because of my rebellious bangs.

I don't want to, but I'm really considering growing my bangs out. Maybe I need to stop straightening them too. :-( If anyone has suggestions on how I can keep the suckers straight and not so flat against my head I'd appreciate any tips. Or if anyone can suggest a different cut/style...I'm very open to hearing all suggestions.

If I do grow them out, I'm not sure how to transition them. They're eye length right now, and I can't clip them back into a pompadour everyday because I keep getting broken ends every time I do so. My hair, though virgin, is so fragile.

Ok, here some pics...
- The first pic shows how they curl under and sideways, poof out on the sides while being flat on the top, and how they spotlight my bald spots. It's just awful....

- The second pic shows how they get weird waves when worn in a side-swept style (my preferred style). Ugh. annoying :thumbdown:

- The last pic is the lovely AnnaLynn McCord. I think I could transition to how she wears her curls, but I don't think it'd look right on me. I look weird with straightened split bangs, so I can imagine I'd look weird with curly ones too. :roll:

Rytoka 08-14-2013 08:51 PM

When I first started CG I had short bangs too, they didn't blend well with the curls so I grew them out. Because they were damaged from straightening they wouldn't curl at all! What I ended up doing was using those cheap foam rollers, the satin lined ones, made them blend better until they grew out and started to behave :)

anonymous_150263 08-14-2013 09:34 PM

I used to hate myself without bangs. I disliked my hairline and my forehead is huge. When I finally grew them out it involved lots of clipping and damage but I made it . Bobby pins help and are less damaging. Tons of hair spray helps too.

Funny thing is when I look back my husband said "I sure was glad when you got rid of those dorky bangs". Haha. 11 years together and I only had bangs the first year we dated and he never said anything at the time. I remember telling him I was growing them out and thinking he would break up with me or something because of how silly I thought I looked. And at that time he just shrugged and said I would be just as cute if I were bald. We were 18 and he always said just the right things. ♡

So your forehead is probably not that bad and you just gotta get used to the different look.

CurlyCowgirly 08-18-2013 08:58 PM

Thanks for the replies girls. They are very encouraging. I will try to grow my bangs out, and I'll try using bobby pins. At least with the grow out option if I don't like it I can cut them again. I'm hoping that once they're grown out and I don't have to straighten them, those bald spots will re-grow some hair....they're partially hereditary, but also partially heat damaged.

A side thought...
My bangs looked much better when I got them cut by a pro...maybe the way I've been cutting them is making them lay funny. Could that be?

Johari 08-18-2013 10:24 PM

Growing bangs out was hard! I caved in when it got to my cheeks almost like side bangs but I couldn't tuck it behind my ears.

Pinning it helped alot

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rainboe 08-19-2013 11:03 AM

I'm growing out my bangs. Whenever I feel like they haven't dried right, I like to sometimes pull them back into a little poof with a bobby pin or two. I don't know what kind of clip your using, but the bobby pin works for me. I'll also take them into a twist a lot. Like, I'll either just grab all the bangs and twist them, then bobby pin them to the side. Or I'll take two strands and twist them around each other, adding hair as I go down my forehead and back. If I wear a ponytail, I'll usually do this two strand twist twist all the way back into the ponytail. It looks really good with a low side ponytail. Here's a video of someone doing a two strand twist on their hair, but I usually do mine a little differently. Also, I wear headbands to pull back the bangs too.

ETA: Here's another video. I think having a lot of ways to pull back bangs is nice, especially if you want to heat style less.

okyouwin 08-19-2013 02:30 PM

Yeah, bangs can be weird. Mine are side bangs that, when straightened, are way too long. When left curly they shrink up. You just gotta play around with them. Sometimes I use a little jaw clamp at the part to give it a lift. Some days here and there I have to curl them with a curling iron because they are impossible. All in all I do like them because it think they soften up my face a little.

Morgan_Adcock 08-19-2013 08:06 PM

I've found it helpful when pinning bangs back to take an unobtrusive tendril of hair from underneath, twist that a little bit, then pin it back, hiding the bobby pin in my hair. That way it looks quite natural, and really isn't at all obvious that I'm pinning them back.

Firefox7275 08-20-2013 08:34 AM

I used to hate my forehead, then I grew my bangs out and it's actually not bad at all. I didn't find growing them awful, they were too long and sideswept for a month or two then I started bobby pinning them into a mini quiff just working with the natural wave. I didn't get noticeable breakage, but I was careful about how I inserted and removed the pins, I open the pin before sliding in and always support the hair either side of the pin. Some people prefer to use mini claw clips.

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