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I have naturally really curly hair, but in the beginning of June I got a Keratin Treatment on it to make it straighter and it's just about all worn off I think. And it was supposed to last about three Months but I think the treatment might of also made my hair just, less curly that will last. And I usually blow dry it to make it straighter, so it more like wavy, not really curly. But the point is I really want to get bangs but I'm worried that it wouldn't look right on my hair. Any advice?Getting bangs-imageuploadedbycurltalk1376790428.445597.jpg This is my hair after its blow dried. Do you think it would look alright with bangs. Please comment.
I realize this probably isn't what you want to hear, but I think that bangs would not look as good on you as not having them does. They generally are best with high foreheads, and your face is so nicely symmetrical without them. (I'm envious.) I think you'd also have problems because your hair is in a transitional state with the keratin treatment. It would be really hard to get a good length and keep it.

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Maybe try a side part. I couldn't decide before and would flat iron for just bangs but growing them out took a while

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Wavy bangs are a PITA because they tend to bend weirdly, I grew mine out.
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