Using glycerine in the winter

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I recently started using glycerine and like it. I use a glycerine and rosewater mix. I've heard that it takes moisture from the air and brings it too your hair, which is great during those humid summers. However, I heard that it's not so great in the winter. Anyone have success using it in the winter? I live in Canada, so we do get dry cold winters. I'm thinking of just adding to my rinse out during the winter.
Calgarian, here! Long, dry winters. So much so that my nose bleeds.

I put away almost every product with a humectant come winter time, especially the glycerine and aloe products. Unfortunately, even the smallest amount seems to make a difference for me!! But try it in your rinse-out -- it might work for you!
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I'm curious about something. If humectants cause trouble in the winter, what sorts of things are we supposed to replace them with? I've read a bunch of the weather related articles already, but I'm having trouble applying this idea in particular to product choices. Also thanks for asking this question.
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Thank you for asking this I'm curious as well. I just bought proclaim curl and wave conditioning activator gel with aloe vera and protein and one of the main ingredients is glycerine. I may only be able to use it in summer and early fall if glycerine is contraindicated with the type of weather you've described. Pittsburgh probably doesn't get as cold as where you guys live, but it ain't warm in the winter either, lol.
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You replace humectants with emolients in the winter according to the article the 411 on dew points by naturally curly.

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