Styles when working out or playing sports?

How do you all wear your hair up when you are working out? I play volleyball every day, and I am having a really frustrating time with my hair while I am practicing or playing. I want it to look cute, but I don't want it to be bouncing up and down and falling out because it's so loose. Also I'm having a problem with getting a lot of frizzies. It looks like my hair is brushed out even though its not....the part that is pressed against my head has no curl formation, and it's TOO soft and fuzzy. Basically all I'm doing now is slicking it back into as tight of a bun as possible, and I really don't like how that looks. That seems to be the only way I can secure it though. Pineappleing simply does not make it secure enough since I jump and run a lot during my workouts. Any ideas? It would be great it you could post pictures of how you wear your hair when working out!

P.S. I have REALLY THICK 3B frizzy hair that is about 8-10 inches past my shoulder. That's another reason that it's so hard to control.
I understand your frustration. I workout 6 days a week. I usually wear my hair in a messy bun, regular bun, or in a "modified" ponytail- but I don't pull my hair all the way thru when I loop the ponytail holder the 2nd time. hope that makes sense.

I wouldn't consider my hair to be "cute" when I'm working out. I don't even expect it to be cute because I'm more focused on my workout or my form when weight training. Also, normally after an hour of cardio, I have LOTSA frizzies. But it doesn't matter because by that time, I'm glowing. (from the I just worked my *** off sweat and endorphins!)
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Have you tried using those colorful elastic headbands? Whenever I work out, I usually do some version of a messy bun with one of the headbands. They're cute and they help keep frizz and curls out of your face.
Great ideas! Thanks!

I really don't care what I look like while I'm working out because I'm too busy concentrating. I just hate looking in the mirror in the locker room afterwords because it's hard knowing that's what people had to look at during the game. Hehe
If I'm running, I do a top-of-the-head ponytail. I can't stand hair on my heck when I'm sweating.
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