One month into curly hair - and not feeling very glam...

That's funny, the older I get the more I prefer straightening. When I need to feel put together for something, I think about straightening.

When my hair is curly, I feel like I don't have a style, like I'm not put together. I went for 5 or more years wearing my hair curly every day and usually being unhappy with it. When I straighten, I feel like I don't have to think about it.
Originally Posted by three rivers curly
I guess that may depend on the cut/style because when my daughter was planning for her prom in '02, when hair was being worn more stick-straight than now, we started looking at hairstyling magazines, including those for brides and about 95% of the formal hairstyles were curly ones. She chose a curly half updo because she just didn't feel her usual straight hair was fit for the occasion. Throughout all the decades I've lived (and during my training as a Cosmetologist) hairstyles with curls are usually regarded as more glamorous and "romantic" than straight styles, which may be seen as more "adequate" for the corporate world, so if you perceive it as more "put together" then it seems better to you.

Pandering? I have the feeling you need to recheck the meaning of that word in the dictionary! But if it makes you feel bad that I'm satisfied with my curls, well...!


It is said that women really know who they are in their 40s so it stands to reason that we also become more "immune" to outside influences. I definitely found that the case to be with myself. I'm not saying that I totally ignore fashion, fashion brings change and it's good to change from time to time. I just exercise the power of choice and my tendency actually is to avoid things when they become too commonplace (and therefore BORING) so I'm perfectly fine being different as long as I don't look like a museum piece.

Crystal_ tips:

I didn't mean to offend, I referred to "average" as the majority of people out there who generally conform to almost everything just "because". Due to the prejudice that still exists around curly hair, I believe sometimes it does take resolve to wear it despite of what the fashion trend is. Perhaps you'd prefer that I use the term "following the crowd" rather than "running with the herd" but there's no denying that there are people who mindlessly do what others do without thinking for themselves. For years we've had product and straightening appliance companies, fashion designers, stylists, etc. telling us straight hair is better (sure, for their pockets...) and sometimes it can be easier to deal with so we've ALL have accepted and even believed it at one point or another. I already went through that during the '70s but then during the '80s I witnessed a complete fashion shift and curls were very coveted then. What does that prove? That it's only a matter of PERCEPTION, so why be so bound by something so variable??? I cannot say I have fully conquered all the esthetic insecurities of my youth (I was a perfectionist!) but I'm very proud of those that I have, and loving my hair has been one of the most freeing ones!

To date I've heard most people "complain" that curly hair tends to make them look younger so I wonder why you feel like "an old lady", could it be something about your cut and style? Also, curls have traditionally been associated with femininity and sexyness (I always remember one of the women featured in the CG book talked about that), more so than straight hair; I believe that could be the reason why it's not considered "appropriate" for the corporate world. But as I've said, it's all a matter of perception...
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I straightened for YEARS because I thought it was the only option for my hair. Then again, I was going through the "teen angst" years when I started, and didn't stop straightening my hair until I was almost 22. Straightening killed my hair, and I had to chop it off to chin-length, which was painful for me. Now, I don't care about being "glam" or "sexy" according to everyone else's standards, because I feel glam, sexy, beautiful, vivacious, and unique. My curls are wonderful, and I'm constantly getting complimented on them! I've had a few very formal events since going strictly curly (and going CG), and I've never felt more beautiful. I just let my curls do their thing. That's one thing that's unusual about me, I suppose - my hair is curly enough that when I straightened, I was constantly having to look in the mirror on humid/rainy/windy days, to make sure my hair hadn't started to get waves back in, borderline curls. I do believe I was more self-consious when I straightened my hair, because I was so worried about my curls jumping out. My hair also took a LOT longer to style when I straightened it! It's not worth the fuss for me anymore, and I've grown to adore my curls. Feeling the need to "conform", or wonder what other people think about me, has never really been an issue unless I was straightening my hair. That being said, I wear my curls proudly.

Basically - I think you need to do whatever keeps your confidence up. However you feel most comfortable with your hair is how you need to style it.

ETA: I'm glad I'm going into Education . No career pressures on how you wear your hair.
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