So I need your opinions

I'm a 14 yr. old girl and of mixed race half greek half African. Ive been natural my whole life but I never had curly hair I just brushed it all the time. So about a yr ago after I got my first and last texturizer I decided to go curly. Now I've wanted to be a politician my whole life and I was just wondering what you guys think about a half black female with natural hair as president. Do you think this could ever happen. Honestly what do you guys think. Please don't say anything like anythings possible and don't be worried about making me scared of pursuing my dreams. I'm not exactly easily swayed. Just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks!!
Your hair shouldn't prevent you from getting ANY job. Don't worry at all. Keep it up
Good heavens. Look at Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Doesn't get much Curlier than that. Hair doesn't matter.
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Man, you have gorgeous curls, from what I can see in your avatar pic! IMO, people vote for all kinds of reasons, some of which are very shallow and some not so much. I'd guess that more people wouldn't vote for you because you're female than because of your hair, but I'm guessing you're not going to let that dissuade you. Maybe by then the flat-ironed look will be long gone, and everyone will be embracing their natural curls. Just go with how you want to look, and be confident in it. Anyway, if you get to the level of running for president, you'll have a whole PR team telling you how you should look, so if you want to stay natural you'll have to run it by your team.
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