How much shedding is normal?

My hair has always shedded, wherever I go I would always find a strand or two somewhere. But lately I've been a little worried because it seemes I've been shedding a lot of hair. I previously use to brush my hair everyday before going out, but now I try to comb it only in the shower since I kept hearing that too much brushing is bad for curly hair. So at this rate, I comb my hair out 2-3 times a week. Now on days where I don, t wash my hair, I notice that i can literally run my hand through the tips of my hair and out comes floating hairs and sometimes little knots of hair.
Am I just overworrying about all of this?
Up to about 150 strands per day is normal. But if you detangle less often than daily it can appear to be much more because shed hair will stay mixed in with the rest of your hair until you detangle again. For example, if you detangle every other day, you could see up to about 300 strands each time.

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Is your hair getting thinner?

If not then the amount of hair you are shedding is normal for you.

As already posted by Corrina777 if you are only detangling every 2-3 days then more hair will appear to come out when you do detangle.
Thank you for posting this.

I too have been shedding more. Or so I thought.
I asked my Deva stylist about this and she pretty much said what Corrina77 said.

I'm washing my hair twice a week but conditioning every other. That's also when I detangle. That's also when I shed the most. On days I don't wash or condition I notice longer hairs hanging that need pulled loose. That's because if I was brushing everyday, as I did when I straightened me hair, those hairs would come out with the brush.

I was glad I asked my stylist because before I did I also was concerned that my hair was becoming unhealthy.
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