honey...in hair?

i really dont understand the concept of putting honey in your hair... ive heard you mix it with your condish but wouldnt your hair get sticky because of the honey? and if you do use honey in your condish, how much do you put in it? can you put the honey in hair gel? and what does honey do to your hair? sorry about all the questions im just really confused.

Thanks in advance,


(i posted this in going shampooless as well because i dont really know what forum it would go under.)
He he... i thought exactly the same thing!! I must admit i only ever use it with conditioner and rinse it out, i've tried it as a leave in and it did leave a little stickiness but its all about experimenting and finding out what your hair likes. You should seriously try it mixed in with your conditioner though, its great. In terms of quantities just try a little blob at first, i squeeze the conditioner into my hand and then squeeze a little honey on top and mix it togther with my index finger and then apply and rinse as normal. Once you're a little more convinced its not going to ruin your hair try a bigger blob (a teaspoon or so)! It rinses out fine.. promise

Honey is a humectant which means it helps you hair attract moisture from the air and also helps your hair retain it.
I add a little bit to my conditioner and mix it in my hand. It adds shine, and no it doesn't make my hair sticky. Some people mix a drop of honey with their gel, but be careful b/c too much will make your hair very crunchy.
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