Favorite Curly Artist(s)

Lets see your favorite Curly artists

Here's one of mine.
I recall, a few years ago (about the time most of your mothers were born), I turned around, in a record shop, and BANG...it was like lookin' in a mirror. I bought the LP purely on the strength of the cover art. When I paid for it the cashier looked at the album, then at I, then forth & back, again. I said "It ain't me."

Anywho, take a look & listen to "All American Alien Boy"

BTW It became one of my All-Time favorite records.

Ian Hunter, Jaco Pastorius (bass) - All American Alien Boy - YouTube

Take a look see @ me hair, about forty yesteryears,
(@ the time I got the album)
'tain't bad now BUT THEN...YIKES!
Oh, I wanted to simply post a pic here BUT...Yahoo recently Phucked-Up YGroups sooooooo I couldn't just download the photo & moi 'tain't diggin' through the archives just now.
Yahoo! Groups
GAD! If you are not currently singed-in to Yahoo, don't even try.
Yahoo truly hast made many a group owner, ALL - as far I I've read, less than thrilled with the latest change.

Let's see/hear the curly artists ye digith.

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Shakira, gorgeous head of hair. I wish that I had her volume but I am sure that her hair is loaded with hairspray.
I know that this isn't an artist, but Sarah Jessica Parker in her Carrie Bradshaw days is a curly hero of mine.
Beyonce when she wears her hair curly is gorgeous as well. Why can't I think of more is beyond me.....For some reason Shakira just sticks out in my mind because she has always had a beautiful head of hair. I always wanted mine like hers when I was younger, I wanted the black underneath with the blond on top. I tried to do it once and messed my hair up something awful and the funny thing is now I wear pink hair. It didn't look that bad but back then I thought it was terrible.
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