Hello lovely ladies! Care to share your natural story?

I'm new to this site and would love to connect with some fellow noodle heads, and figured I might share my natural story.

I'm 17, and have been natural for a little more than 3 years, now.

Quite honestly, I've had relaxed/flat ironed hair for as long as I can remember. When I was 14, I decided it was time to go natural, frustrated with the continuous cycle of perms and new growth (much to the dismay of my father). I'm mixed, my Dad is African American and my mother is Caucasian/Mexican/Native American. My Dad's side of the family traditionally believed that it just "wasn't right" for someone with curly hair to wear it any way other than straight. But, being the strong willed kid I was, I decided on a big chop in September of 2010, after transitioning for maybe 4 months. After taking a pair of scissors to my half straight, half curly locks, I couldn't help but feel empowered watching all my relaxed ends fall onto my shoulders and floor with every snip. I went from shoulder lengthed, damaged, half relaxed hair to a TWA about maybe 3 inches long, all around. It was quite strange seeing my natural texture, and being able to run my fingers through my own hair without worrying about it falling out.

What surprised me most of all was my peers' reception of this new trait of mine, they actually liked it! It came as a shock, considering that I had hated my curly hair all my life, and had always wanted it to be straight. I suppose it was a hate instilled in me from my family, from society... Who knows? However, this story of insecurity has a happy ending. My hair has become a bit of my trademark, as a performing artist.

(The cover to my first album, Unconventional. Taken December, 2012)

I've learned to love it, and embrace it for the bird's nest that it is. The very thing I wanted to hide under a hat as a young girl is now something that I, well, actually like! It's crazy. Oh, and my Dad? He loves my hair now! It's kind of a great, big, nappy ending... Heh... Heh... Okay.

Anyhow, I would love if any of you should feel inclined to reply with their natural hair journey stories--I'm always fascinated by them!

Much love & God bless,


P.S: If any of you would like to check out my music, I'd appreciate it!
I've only been natural (officially, been off and on for a year) a couple months, but I'm loving it. Still experimenting.

When I was younger, I would straighten, straighten, straighten at the influence of my friends. I only showered once a week (I have a psychological disorder and at that point I was unable to care for myself. This has since stopped now that I'm on medication. I now shower every day and have since freshman year of college). So the morning after my shower day, my hair would be a big curly frizzy mess. So I would spend an hour and a half straightening. I'm also an insomniac so getting up early was no problem. I showered on Sundays, Monday I would get up at 530 and straighten. Tuesday, I got up at 530 and would straighten, and so on. I just kept straightening my straight hair straighter. I probably got a ton of damage from that. I never used heat protectant (none of my friends did, didn't know what it was). I did that until junior year of college. Then I got tired of it, so pony tails all the way.

Junior year of college, I discovered curly girl method. My hair looked good. Not fantastic, but good. I stopped that in favor of trying other things. I'm now back on curly girl permanently and am in my senior year of college. I still have one person in my life who insists that I straighten, but I'm ignoring them as best I can. I'm getting married in the next few months and WILL wear my hair curly.
I've had wavy hair all of my life that flipped out in all the wrong places! Growing up my mom kept my hair short, because she liked it that way (and probably because my hair was hard to deal with). In grade school I saw some nice super wavy perms and decided that I wanted one. My stylist took it upon herself to give me a really curly perm instead. I remember waiting at the bus stop with frozen hair all the time in the winter. I decided I was done with it, so I cut it to about ear length and had the biggest, poofiest triangle on my head that you could imagine.

From there, I cut my hair and kept it super short the majority of my life, until a little kid mistook me as a boy. Insulted, I decided to never have short hair again (which didn't last long lol). I grew my hair out past my shoulders and kept blowing it out as straight as I could get it. Then flat irons became popular and I ironed the crap out of my hair everyday. I guess one day I probably got lazy and my hair air-dried and I found it was actually curly instead of just wavy! I was shocked! I wore it curly here and there in college, but mostly straightened.

Cut my hair again because I was sick of dealing with my big thick unruly hair, and it was nice just to be able to wash it and leave the house! Grew it out again cuz I didn't feel very feminine, then found the CG method. I don't think I did it properly, so my ends were literally straw and tangly. My hair stylist knocked the method and told me my hair was very dry. I couldn't get it hydrated no matter what I did. Everybody said I looked better with straight hair. So I gave up, I chopped it to about chin length and straightened again until it grew to where it started to curl again and look decent.

I herniated my back a few months ago and couldn't flat iron my hair anymore, so started wearing it curly again. Then I decided I'd retry the CG method, but again wasn't really doing it properly. Then I signed up here and now have the proper tools to make my hair to where I love it! Just waiting for it to grow now so I can get my curls back. My front curls something awesome, but there's just sticky-outy waves in the back.

Had I known what I had naturally, I could have saved all those frustrating years of short, long, permed, short, long, short long hair. Ugh!!!

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