First Deva Cut

I have scheduled my first deva cut this coming week and am scared to death it might mess up my hair. I had the Ouidad carve and slice and it took me a year to get it straighten out because it was a nightmare. It thinned out my hair and was so uneven and layers were too short. My hair is so bushy and letting my bangs grow out and I have this band between the bangs and rest of hair. I am wondering if I should try no poo first before getting the haircut to see how my hair reacts. As many of you know, it is not easy to get a haircut and when you have had so many bad versus good, it is a challenge. Plus I heard the diva cut is not good if you do straighten you hair out. I rarely do that but there have been times far and between. Help!

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I've had three Deva cuts so far, with a fourth scheduled for later this month. I've been pleased with my results each time. At my last cut, the stylist actually explained to me what she was doing to make sure I could wear my hair straight. I have never straightened my own hair and haven't had it styled straight in several years, but it was nice to know that the stylist took that possibility into consideration. I really hope that this cut is a positive experience for you.

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