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LoveGirl22 09-07-2013 04:23 PM

High Humidity & Dew Point Curlies
I live in eastern Alabama and we have very high humidity and dew points here during most of the spring, all of the summer and most of the fall. Since going modified CG at the beginning of last month, I've been cowashing, using Suave as a leave-in, sealing with olive oil and then topping it off with a Suave gel that contains two types of humectants. I also do a weekly homemade protein treatment. While my hair has most definitely improved since starting this routine, it's still not very soft and my ends tend to be very frizzy starting on day 2.

What are y'alls routines/tips/experiences with curls in high humidity/high dew points?

Also, are there an budget friendly products you recommend?

EDIT: I am 2c/3a, fine texture, medium density, medium porosity, protein craving

wavydaze 09-08-2013 07:27 AM

I make sure not to use products with humectants high up on the list. I am leery of glycerin, aloe, propylene glycol heavy products. A hard hold gel seems to work fine... I've been using Volumax Mega lately (no LI underneath) and it's been keeping up. In very high dews I'm not 100% frizz-free... I'm just looking for some nice definition, spring, volume and reduced frizz.

Marci 09-08-2013 08:02 PM

This thread was very helpful for many in high humidity
there are others I know somewhere.
I live in Miami... humid pretty much year round. I swear by a hard hold gel (LA Looks Power Spikes) and no leave-in. I up the protein treatments especially in summer. I have very few frizzy days :)

curlyink3b 09-14-2013 06:47 PM

Feeling your pain in North Alabama! I'm new to embracing my curliness and the CG way. My routine is mostly in my siggie. As for what products I use right now, I'm finishing off my PM Round Trip, PM Super Skinny Serum, PM mousse (can't remember the exact one), Tressemme gel, Suave gel, whatever shampoo I have on hand, and V05 conditioner. My hair seems to like the PM RT and PM SS together. Never combined products other than those. So basically, if I put something in, it's either RT & SS or mousse or gel. Hope that made any sense.

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