Curly Girl going crazy!!?! What did I do?

So here's the thing...I'm freaking out a bit about my hair, Its straight but hard to comb through. Almost like doll hair if that make sense. My hair is really long, almost waist length and pretty thick seems to be 3C. Honestly this is the longest its been and I don't know why. When I was young I always wanted my hair to stay like it looked when wet but of course had no idea how to do that still don;t.I've had long hair my whole life up until an issue occurred and I had to cut it all off, like to 1 inch about 6 years ago. That was tramatic but I put extensions in and kept it braided. Hair slowly grew back but honest never did much with it. I stopped getting perms about 12 years ago so I just brushed it in a ponytail, put it in a bun and washed it every few MONTHS. I went to "the Dominicans" but I really didn't like how my hair was blow dried super straight and thin. Anyway its been natural and I see all these girls on YT with hair like mine. I hear about this curly girl method but honestly its confusing. Listening to people its almost like I should've gotten a chem degree instead in college, lol. I did a twist out and my hair went poof, just a big ball.. It was hard to do so I had my sis blow it out. So I finally get into doing my hair once a month as you all know its a chore. However again I look at a YT vid with a girl with similar hair and try to straightening it.

I washed with a medicated Shampoo ( I have Dandraff issue). I then wash with Mixed Chicks shampoo. Herbal Essences moisturizing conditioner (I usually use VO% volumizing), then deep conditioned with Shea butter deep treatment masque (personally never do this). Then I used Chi Keratin spray (never used this before), Aphogee leave in Pro V, and finally Chi silk infusion(new as well). Then the blow dry and flat iron. My hair looks great but tangles super easy. and feels as I said like a mixture of softness and doll synthetic hair. Its real static-y I guess and I feel like it "popping" That was on Fri/Sat I did this and now thinking I should just wash it out. But that was so much work. Any ideas what could be wrong? So many say its in my head but feel what I do and said I needed oil. So I put coconut oil on my hair and braided (Mon) it up. Then went back to my T-tree oil hair spray (hair still in braid just sprayed the braid) today(Tues). Freaking out. Any suggestions? Any idea what is happening? Is it in my head, lol?

So many tell me I have to try different products to see what works for my hair and its just been nervousness and odd results since I started caring, lol. When I just bun it up and did it every few months, it grew fine though I always thought it was coming out, lol.

Sorry this was so long, kind of late night ramble. Thanks for any help!!
I would suggest deep conditioning because your hair needs it. dry hair breaks & straightening can dry out your hair. Are you using 2 shampoos? If so & the have sulfates in them, that can also dry out your hair as well. Detangling your hair with your hair loaded with conditioner with a denman brush will help you as well. When straightening, make sure you use a heat protectant if you're going to continue straightening.

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