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I've been CG since June and love it! My question is this. One of the things that dissuaded me from CG in the past was that my 2c hair takes three hours to dry! I've used a lot of heat in the past and am trying to stay away from that. I'm working on mastering 2nd and 3rd day hair. I live in CA so it's not like Alaska or anything! How do the rest of you cope?
Does it dry quicker if you use different products? I know mine dries much faster if I use a light spray rather than a heavy gel. You might try playing with that.

Have you tried washing it at night and letting it dry overnight while you sleep? That works for many people.

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I have to have my hair dry by the time I get to work (I am also a CA curly btw). So I do diffuse it a little in the morning and try to use light products that don't slow down drying time. I use FSG and top it with a dime size amount of LALSG. I know you want to stay away from heat but I just diffuse for about ten minutes on low heat and low speed. How long do you plop? I only plop for about ten minutes total. Any longer gets me weird results. I also drive to work with the heater on. It's kind of uncomfortable in the summer and I am looking forward to colder weather. Hope that helps!
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I wash my hair at night before I go to bed, scrunch it as if I were plopping, but spread the towel on my pillow (I consider it advanced plopping). By the time I start tossing and turning, the gelcast has formed enough to protect my curls. However, I am looking at getting a better dryer, and partially diffusing my hair before going to bed, or washing my hair at other times of day.

For multi-day hair, and I usually get several days, I do what I just posted in Suggestions for protecting hair at night.

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Three hours air drying, without doing something to get rid of some of the order, is great! One of the things you could do is scrunch out the some of the water with curl towels or a cotton tee shirt. I do that and then diffuse for a few minutes. (I know you said that you don't want to use heat, but a few minutes to "set" the curl really helps.) That gets me down to three hours.
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I wet/condition my hair daily in the morning. It's been pretty back and forth(weather) in northern va. But as soon as I get out the shower I wrap my hair in s micro fiber hair towel and get dressed and do my makeup. After 10-20 mins my hair is damp and I apply my hair cream. My hair is dry in about 3 hours, but my roots are damp for hours, like 10. But going outside cold with hair wet doesn't make you sick. It's just I get chilly. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do in the winter though.

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