Can someone explain weather vs curls ?

Ok so I know if I go out in the rain, my hair doesn't like it.

I have been on the forum a while now but never got my head round this humidty thing, is it good or bad for curls, are we better off in the summer etc etc.

Please explain someone, I know I'm dumb
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Well, not that I like rain, but my hair loves humidity!
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Mine too. I get the best hair on days when I run through a drizzle a couple of times.
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My hair loves humidity too. It makes my hair curlier and springier
Some people get a lot of frizz from the rain. I get a halo of frizz now and then but I'm not frizz prone in general so maybe those prone to frizz don't like the rain as much?
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I've lived in arid climates & humid ones & had problems with both.

Though I don't remember what happened to my hair when I moved from a warm humid climate (Southern PA) to a cooler humid climate (Western WA).

And I also don't remember what happened to my hair when I moved from Western WA to an arid climate (Eastern WA).

But when I moved from that first arid climate (Eastern WA) to another warm humid climate (Arkansas), my hair hated the air & rebelled with frizz. It eventually began to love it & calmed down.

But then we moved from Ark to another arid climate (Utah) & my hair hated the air & rebelled with frizz. Though it too eventually began to love it & calmed down.

However, I started working in greenhouses for approximately 5 hours a day & my hair hated the warm moist air & rebelled with frizz. Only after using a conditioner rinse once getting home from work would it calm down & not show any signs of frizz.

Now that I'm not working in greenhouses anymore, my hair is back to normal with no frizz, though on a rainy day recently, once again the frizz reared its ugly head.
If the air is really dry and/or cold, my hair is pretty flat, my curls are dull and practically non-existant.

If there is humidity in the air, is milder, but no rain then my curls are at their best, 3A/B.

If it's raining/snowing then my hair is very prone to frizz.
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We've had plenty of humid days (for winter) recently, and my hair has responded better. I've also found that running through the rain with my umbrella helps a lot. I don't want my hair to get drenched, of course, but the mist and few drops from the umbrella help my curls stay perky
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My curls do NOT respond well to really cold, low-humidity days (rare where I live anyway). But when the air is super-hot and ridiculously humid (July September), my hair can also experience problems, such as poor curl formation & frizz.
The one thing it consistently loves going to the beach. It responds so well to the salty, balmy air of the Florida panhandle. (My skin loves it, too!)
Ok thanks for all the input everyone.

If i go out in the rain, my hair frizzes up, is there anything that helps this, apart from not going out?

Are humidty and rain two different things?
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Are humidty and rain two different things?
Originally Posted by pitgirl
Yes they are. Humidity is the concentration of water vapor in the air. The concentration can be expressed as absolute humidity, specific humidity, or relative humidity. The amount of humidity in an air controlled environment is an important issue in the air-conditioning industry. Humidity can make the temperature of the surrounding air feel like it is warmer than the actual temperature, because the cooling effect of evaporation from the skin is reduced.

Rain is a form of precipitation, other forms of which include snow, sleet, hail, and dew. Rain forms when separate drops of water fall to the Earth's surface from clouds. Not all rain reaches the surface, however; some evaporates while falling through dry air. When none of it reaches the ground, it is a precipitation called virga.

Of course, I'm sure that it can be humid when it's raining, but no they're not quite the same thing. For me, it seems like it's humid in places that are warmer (i.e. Florida).
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My hair loves humid Florida. I was relocated here for work, and now that I'm growing out my pixie cut, I find that the curls are better than they were back in the midwest. Oh, and I totally agree about beach hair - as long as it's not too windy, those are the best days! (My best hair days EVER were on my honeymoon to the Bahamas)
My hair absolutely detests humidity or dampness of any sort, just frizz, frizz and more frizz. If my hair's straightened it gets bushy and kinky in humidity, if it's left curly the curls start losing the plot and going all over the place. Thank God South Australia has a dry climate and is humidity free most of the time. I really don't know how I survived living in England for most of my life, with all that rain and general dampness. Here in Oz I still haven't ventured to Queensland or the Northern Territory because I know I'd be obsessing over what I would do with my hair (been here 15 yrs!). Whenever we go back to England we have a stopover somewhere in Asia which I actually find quite traumatic, as I can't relax for thinking about my hair. Rain I don't find quite so bad - I just wear a coat with a hood or use an umbrella and I seem to survive though if I get caught unawares it'll be a disaster and a pony tail!
Oh, and the sea air - forget it. Then I get hard stringy frizz!
well i have 3b curls and i'm half black so that would probably explain why my hair gets frizzy on dull, cold, rainy days. my hair definitely comes to life in the summer!!
Looks like then, no matter how much I look after my hair or get good results, the weather isn't going to let me off lightly.

At the moment I'm trying to DT once a week and perfect my styling technique, damn that frizz.

I guess I will be wearing lots of ponytails this spring.
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Another thing to consider is that as the temperature of the air goes up, it can hold more moisture. So, 90% humidity when the air is 40 degrees F is not nearly as much humidity as 90% when the air is 95 degrees.
The one thing it consistently loves going to the beach. It responds so well to the salty, balmy air of the Florida panhandle. (My skin loves it, too!)
Originally Posted by Pheebie
My hair absolutely loves the sea air! So does my skin it gets really smooth, I think my hair likes the sea air because in the morning there's alot of mist so its quite humid and then it disappears after around 10ish and then its just sun. My hair prefers warmer weather
My hair absolutely loves humidity. I have nearly perfect (as perfect as 3a/b hair gets) when I'm in FL, but when I was living in CA and ID I had to fight dry frizzy hair the entire time. I almost never have do do any deep treatments in FL, since it is not prone to being dry here. However, in CA and ID I had dry hair and I was giving it treatments once or twice a week!

Forgot about rain! The only reason my hair doesn't like rain (and it rains here a lot) is that my water soluble gels wash out, and that's what leaves a frizzy halo on top of my head. The lower/under areas that aren't touched by drizzling rain are fine.
My hair hates this rain blighting UK at the moment. I get very bad frizz halos especially from the very light drizzly rain.

The best hair I've had was in Portugal last year. This was before I found CG or, so I was washing with sulfate, a nice condiitoner with no cones, and just a cream styler. It would air dry in an hour because it was warm outside but as it was only April the weather wasnt scorching so it didnt dry my hair out. instead i had VERY soft, big bouncy curls that just formed perfectly, didnt sag, and had NO frizz. So really, warm air with little humidty suits me fine!

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