Help- my hair is a disaster. :(

Hey guys,

Hello! I thought you might be able to help me, since there's always great advice on here. I had damaged hair a while ago for a good few years, finally managed to take care of it and grow it past shoulder length. It looked thick and healthy, I was getting compliments on it all the time and it was growing super fast in a few months time. I noticed the less products I was using, the faster it seemed to grow. Recently though, it hit a stage where it's been falling out a lot and splitting to the point that my hair looks half the length it did before without an actual haircut at the hairdressers. I can't even wear it down anymore. The soft curls I had before are gone. I'm not sure what the reason for that is, I would guess stress has a lot to do with it too but I went to a dermatologist recently and have been taking vitamins and she recommended I use Horse mane Shampoo, which my hair has not been liking. Everytime I wash it(about every 2-3 days), it looks shorter. I do use an organic shampoo/conditioner and sometimes switch to the horse and mane shampoo + another conditioner, and I do deep condition. I just find the more I try and play with my hair and put products on it, the more harshly it reacts so I have not been finding a way to make it look good- I pretty much wear it up in a little bun all the time. I'm very frustrated by this because It took me so long to grow my hair out, and this has been happening although I'm not using any heat on it(only very rarely). I have an appointment at a hairdresser tomorrow to get a hair trim, but I'm worried getting it shorter might only make it worse, because sometimes my hair reacts better if it is just left alone. Is there any treatments, or advice you would be able to give me? I would really appreciate it. I will attach a photo before/after if that helps. but i'm very frustrated rght now as to why my hair is looking so unhealthy. Please help! Would you recommend the Keratin treatment/brazillian blow out? Ps: My hair is still damp/wet in the after photo. But it is unbelievable how much shorter it looks.
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Now someone correct me if I am wrong, but the Brazilian blowout contains formaldehyde and they just had a huge lawsuit because their products claimed to be free of it but turned out that they weren't.
Brazilian Blowout to pay $4.2M in suit |
I think you need a real good deep conditioning and to start the CG method and stick with it until you start noticing some results and then I think you would be happy. You have some nice curls, you just need to moisturize them. My hair falls out the longer that it gets, not sure why it does but it just does. Also, the longer that my hair gets the straighter that it gets because I have so much hair that it weighs my curls down.
I honestly would start the CG method and quick, you can do it cheaply by getting some Suave Naturals. I would have never guessed that stuff is as good as it turned out to be, get a good leave in and a styler. I wish that I could give you some tips on styler and leave in's, but I am still in search of a good one myself. I like the Ur Curly but it has its faults. I love the Ouidad but it is crazy expensive, however it would be good at taming frizz and it is wonderful for diffusing. I don't think that your hair is so far beyond saving, I wouldn't go chop it all off. I would just invest in some good CG conditioner's and leave in's, you can always change it up later and I know some of the ladies here can point you in the direction of a good leave in. I am no professional at this yet, I am still learning but I have seen a lot of change in my hair and I have been doing CG strict for a month. I had been using a CG friendly shampoo once a week, but I have thrown that out as well. I do use As I Am Cleansing Conditioner, love that stuff. I use Suave Naturals and then I polish off with the UR Curly Tight Curl Enhancer. I have really seen some good results, so it doesn't have to be real complicated to get good results. Start off small and work towards more products once you learn it a bit more.
As I Am Daily Cleansing Conditioner

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Definitely start the curly girl method, but you need to find the most natural products possible. Look online or in a health food store for all natural products. Shea moisture is really good for shampoo/conditioner. You might want to try a flax seed gel or okra gel to really lay off of the chemicals. Do natural deep treatments made from ingredients you have at home (honey, eggs, yogurt, oils, conditioner base, etc.) Take biotin supplements and make sure you're taking a daily multivitamin.

I have an entire post about brazilian keratin treatments so give it a look in the keratin treatment section.

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maybe your hair is breaking off from the mane and tail products? Ive heard some bad things about those. They are loaded with protein and maybe your hair doesnt like it and is breaking off because of it?
Considering your hair is breaking, you probably have a ton of split ends, and they will continue to split further up the hair shaft, and break even shorter if they're not cut off. So you need to have that haircut.

Brazilian Blowouts are dangerous to your (or your hairdresser's) health, as well as not being good for your hair.

I strongly recommend you get the book Curly Girl: The Handbook, also available here, and try the method of curl care in the book. You can learn about it here, but I still recommend the book, as it's thorough, organized, well illustrated, and has great video segments.

Mane 'n Tail and Body Shampoo is probably part of the problem. Ingredients: Water , Sodium Lauryl Sulphate , Cocamidopropyl Betaine , Cocamide DEA , Glycol Distearate , Fragrance , Hydrolyzed Protein , Sodium Choloride , Citric Acid , DMDM Hydantoin.

The conditioner is also problematic. Ingredients: Water , Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine Lactate , Distearlydimonium Chloride , Stearyl Alcohol , Emulsifying Wax NF , Cetyl Alcohol , Coconut Oil , Glycerin , Sodium Chloride , Vegetable Oil , Fragrance , Phenoxyethanol , Methylparaben , Propylparaben , DMDM Hydantoin , Hydrolyzed Protein , Lanolin , FD&C Yellow 5. Your hair is a lot finer than horse's hair, and the wax is probably weighing it down. Parabens are believed to be a cancer risk factor.

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How old are you? What kinds of stresses have you been experiencing? Have you had any changes in health in the past few years?

The only other thing I would check is your thyroid. My hair was falling out too and it turned out I needed medication. Once I started taking that, my hair got thicker. I also take biotin which you can find pretty much anywhere.
I tried mane n tail years ago and it made my hair feel like straw so I don't think that will help your problem
The mane and tail shampoo has lots of sulfates in, which will dry your hair out loads. I know the dermatologist recommended it, but many of them do not properly understand curly hair and its need for moisture. Most haven't even heard of the Curly Girl method!
The Mane and tail shampoo contains protein, which your hair may not like. Some people find that protein makes their hair like straw, which could be part of your problem.
Can you switch shampoos? Try a Shea moisture low-poo (a low-poo is a shampoo without sulfates in) if you can (they are available in target if you live in the us) or one from the naked range if you live in the uk.
The shampoo is definitely too drying for your hair!! Try switching the shampoo it will probably make a huge difference!!
Good luck with your hair journey
You might have a hair analysis
Pedaheh's Hair Blog: GoosefootPrints Hair Analysis with My Analysis Results
Komaza Care also do a microscope based service, they only do a limited number each month and had slots yesterday.
Komaza Care HAIR ANALYSIS Service - Rave! - Long Hair Care Forum
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