Noticing a lot more hair fall...:/

I'm about to cry right now. The last two times I shampooed (well technically cowashed I guess) I have noticed like triple the amount of hair loss as I normally do. I might be being paranoid since I've seen how much hair I have lost, but I feel like I can tell it's thinner! This happened the first time when I attempted to do the cg method and then again at the beginning of this time. I attributed it to the conditioner I was washing with because I switched to using as I am cleansing conditioner and it stopped. My hair feels as clean with the as I am as it did with the pureology I used for years so I don't think its build up or anything like that. I have never washed my hair everyday so that has not changed. Right now I am washing my hair about every three days. And every third time I wash it, I use a low-poo. I am positive it is falling out at the root and not breaking off. It is NOT that I am not detangling it as often so I am noticing more hair loss. I have lost way more the past two washes than I have in previous washing with the same number of days between washing/detangling.

As for as products go, I am using a small amount of suave everlasting sunshine as a leave in along with kckt. For gel, I use a little bit of kccc and then Aussie instant freeze.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this? Please help!
Firstly you don't have to conditioner-only wash to follow the Curly Girl method, you can use a gentle shampoo full time. IIRC the co-wash is the heaviest/ richest cleansing product in the As I Am line, it's not like other cleansing conditioners in that it only contains emollients/ emulsifiers, no amphoteric or non ionic surfactants like one of the betaines.

Possibilities include, but not limted to
- an undiagnosed scalp complaint
- negative reaction to an ingredient in the conditioner or other new product
- being over enthusiastic when you massage or detangle and pulling the hair loose
- more hair shedding because you don't comb between times
- not rinsing thoroughly enough
- seasonal shed
- related to something else in your life occurring within the past couple months, a coincidence (hair usually goes dormant for weeks before shedding).

I would try something (shampoo or cleansing conditioner) lighter and non depositing, with simple ingredients. Your co-wash is richer/ heavier than your leave in conditioner: your roots and scalp should not need intense conditioning/ 'moisturising'. Use plenty of product for slip, don't scrub but rather finger comb across your scalp. It's easier to get at the scalp if you wash with your head upside down.

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Leave in: Fructis Sleek & Shine (old), Gliss Ultimate Volume, various Elvive
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
Experimenting with: benign neglect
Don't panic! It could be a medical condition, yes, but that's not the only possible reason. Try to relax because stress will make it worse. I have a medical problem that usually causes hair loss, and for a while I thought I was losing more hair than normal, but it was actually because my hair was getting longer and healthier. The CG method and no shampoo method usually promote hair growth because of the absence of harsh ingredients, and the need to massage thoroughly to clean better with the gentle ingredients. Your hair could be growing longer and thicker, with the illusion that it's more hair falling out. I'm telling you, I was POSITIVE my hair was falling out, and it really wasn't. Unless you're noticing visible bald spots, don't worry so much. Also make sure your diet is balanced, and you're taking a multi vitamin, or at least some biotin.

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Sealer: Pure Argan Oil
I went through a hair loss episode while cowashing, but I think it coincided with a stressful event I had months earlier, and so the hair loss was caused by TE, possibly exacerbated by the cowashing.

Interestingly, I cowashed for the first time in months a few weeks ago and I shed more in the shower, like before.... so I don't know what that's about... possibly mechanical?

People will try to discredit you and tell you it's all in your head, but honestly they don't know your head so can't offer true advice.

If you really think you're shedding a lot I'd highly recommend visiting a derm. Hair loss can be associated or caused by many things; visiting a derm will be only helpful. You can even bring in the stuff you've been using. Keep measuring your ponytail too!

In the meantime I'd also suggest switching to low-poo cleansing; still CG. Find one that's not stripping; I like and recommend YesToCucumbers.

As your hair becomes more moisturized it can lay flatter... this is good for curly girls with high density who are fighting volume/bulk... but maybe not so great for those with medium-low density, who on top of that don't have a voluminous curl pattern. Is your hair getting enough protein? I say this becomes if my hair doesn't get enough protein (and is OC-ed) it will lay flatter and it will look like I lost half my density...but I didn't!

Lastly, this may be really hard but try not to stress about this. If you had some mechanical hair loss it will grow back. A formal diagnosis should help ease your nerves... I would schedule that appointment right away and not spend hours and hours googling "hair loss." It can be a scary and depressing and demoralizing place out there on google and I speak from experience.

Hope you figure out your condition soon and no more hair extra shedding!
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I would take a look at my health first before I started with hair products that might be causing hair loss. In my case, just a few months back, I was noticing excess hair loss. It was the scare I needed to start eating much healthier. I had known for years that I should be eating better. I ran across some forum where a lady recommended a book called The Perfect Health Diet (which sounds corny, I know). I was familiar with the paleo diet and this is very similar but allows more carbs (sweet potatoes, rice, white potatoes). Basically good whole foods, nothing processed, lots of good healthy fats (coconut oil, olive oil, etc.). I noticed a difference very quickly in hair re-growth (baby hairs popping up at the front of my hair line and along the part that was widening a bit).

I would say to take a serious look at your health. Are you feeling energetic, well, alive and know that you're eating well? Then, look to the hair products. If not, start with making some changes for wholeness in your life (I wouldn't limit it to diet...emotional, spiritual, stress problems can all come into play). You will never regret it.
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Im always stressed. Nursing school is very stressful but that is nothing new. I know it actually is mote hair loss not just looks like more. Not only did a lot come out in the shower, when I got out I had stands of hair stuck all over me including a pretty big clump that was stuck on my belly button ring. I am more than willing to try a new low poo instead of using the cleansing conditioner. Can anyone recommend one without protein that won't dry my hair out? Thank y'all!

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Oh and I do have pretty thick hair so I don't think I'm in any danger of going bald anytime soon but if it keeps this up I eventually will have a huge problem. It's really scary!

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Wavydaze I just now noticed where you asked abouy protein. If I use anythibg with protein my hair looks fried :/

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